Weekly Top 5 in SaaS

This week, once again, I gathered the top SaaS online stories. This weekly roundup includes articles on how to conserve your SaaS users for the long run, SaaS in the enterprise realm and even discussing the rather new concept of containers as a service. Enjoy! Goodbye, SaaS — hello, Containers-as-a-Service There has certainly been a

Think You Can Help These TV\Movie Government Officials Conquer SaaS?

You don’t have to look far to find inefficiencies in government. Surprisingly enough, movies and TV shows often portray accurately what happens in our government, like inefficient software systems, ineffective cloud migration, and burdensome procedures. But those inefficiencies are far from an unsolvable problem; there are tools and techniques available on the market today that

Intriguing Infographic: How Do SaaS Companies Measure Success?

Quantifying success can vary wildly, depending on who you ask. Some businesses will point to personal achievements, or adherence to a core vision. However, strict data analysis can be very useful for SaaS companies in order to find out what areas they need improvement in. This infographic by Totango lists out several ways SaaS companies