Rise of the Machines – 8 Articles that Predict the Future of Machine Learning

It’s Halloween and that means every article you come across will have some spooky twist. That is, until the smell of turkey starts to fill the streets. But witches and demons are no longer the threat they once were. In recent years, Halloween has summoned eerie thoughts and ideas about “the rise of the machines.”

Big Data, AI, and IoT Powered Fintechs Forecasting A Cashless Future for Money

  Way back in 1994, Bill Gates famously compared Banks with Dinosaurs. John Steinbeck also created a stir by boldly referring to Banks as Monsters in his book, the Grapes of Wrath. Since long everyone believed that banks were too-big-to-fail behemoths. However, this perception changed after the economic downturn of 2008. The mega-banks do fail, and

How Technology is Changing the Hospitality Space

For those in the tech industry, hospitality is a currently a very lucrative frontier. The business is well-known for having a “if it’s not broke” attitude when it comes to upgrading systems. However, it’s no longer an option for those working in hospitality services to work without some sense of the technology out there.  

Keys to the Kingdom – Things to Remember When Creating Sound IT Policy

Information security means, first and foremost, keeping information safe. This is why every corporation needs to have an organized IT policy.   An IT policy is more than a document listing what you can and cannot do – it’s a strategic tools that helps us to guarantee information is protected from disclosure, unauthorized access or

Looking At the Future of SaaS, AI and IT through Experts’ Eyes – 9 Must Read Articles

The future is here. In case you were wondering. Technology is advancing in record speed, as innovations that were a foggy prediction come to life one after the other. This passing month, I decided to explore “future studies” and browsed the web for the latest advancements in the tech world, and especially AI, IT and