10 Oscar Worthy SaaS Products Teasers

With the Academy Awards around the corner, I made up a list of 10 teasers all providing us with a glimpse into products created both by SaaS startups and SaaS giants.

The products teasers are an important aspect for a company’s success since they have to take a new innovative idea and simplify it for the masses so their target audience can see the potential in their product in just a short time frame.

Hootsuite – Empower Your Business with Social

This animated video quickly explains the UI and the UX of Hootsuite, and provides reasons not only for the benefits of using Hootsuite but also for why it triumphs the competition.


Salesforce – Unfair Advantage

This video is packed with buzz words and flashing images and was used to promote Salesforce’s customer success platform. While it does not clearly explain the Salesforce service it is definitely an eye captivating ad.

Sap – The answer is Simple.

When thinking of Oscars this commercial is precisely what I thought of. SAP really nailed it with this one providing a Hollywood teaser for their HANA platform.


Zuora – Subscribed

The ad shows the huge variety of the subscribers target market and how they view the industry, giving the viewer a glimpse of the huge potential in subscription revenue model. Which is perfect because Zuora provides subscription billing as well as recurring revenue, payments, and billing solutions.


ServiceNow – Everything as a Service

By mocking inefficient working habits ServiceNow has managed to create a commercial that pushes managers and employees alike to go out and explore the new possibilities of SaaS and what it can do for their business.


Concur – The Perfect Business Trip

Before being acquired by SAP Concur made a couple of their own commercials. This one was made back in 2012 and it was a great simple way to explain concur. In the commercial we tag along a business man on his travel and receive snapshots of his phone to understand the user experience and benefit of concur.


Ultimate Software – Your People Are Your Business

Ultimate Software a cloud based human resource service took the emotional approach with this teaser inviting company owners to discover the importance of the people behind their workforce.


WalkMe – Walk The Web Step by Step

Cartoon video showing WalkMe’s UI and UX and offering an actual short demo of how the system works. The commercial is great because it provides you with the necessary information regarding the company’s service and its advantage.


LogMeIn – Rescue Lens

Funny and real situation that happened to all of us, this commercial depicts how the printer breaks down on Paula when she desperately needs it. Rescue Lens is a new product promoted by SaaS giant LogMeIn and this very short teaser manages to get the service’s advantage across loud and clear.



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