3 Best Antivirus SaaS

Antivirus SaaS may at first sound like a strange niche or solution to turn to SaaS for. And you know what? That’s a wrong conclusion, but given the nature of SaaS, and the needs inherent to antivirus systems, this is an understandable misgiving. However, unlike most migrations to SaaS, antivirus SaaS is in fact not an all-inclusive migration.

Unlike other SaaS deployments, going in this direction for antivirus is actually for a specific type of security known as endpoint protection, and it’s intended to offload some of the duties of traditional security software, rather than to actually replace it completely. How this is beneficial is that in most cases, SaaS security systems are designed to protect from foreign incursion upon data streams, and to ensure that any transmitted data to or from a server or client is clean. This is a secondary measure to prevent contaminated byte transfers that may have gotten past local security systems in some fashion.

Endpoint security measures like this accompany other cloud platforms rather well. While most of these cloud systems have a proprietary layer of endpoint security, it’s often just a standard small feature, and not as fleshed out as a dedicated security service. Thankfully, most cloud solutions integrate with a variety of these security SaaS platforms anyhow, which is mostly why they don’t put a lot of work into their proprietary security beyond a point.

That said, let’s look at three of the best available choices for this cloud based endpoint security.

#1 – McAfee Total Protection

McAfee is one of the big dogs of public sector digital security, offering a variety of anti-intrusion, encryption, backup management and antivirus tools that both individuals and companies use heavily.

McAfee is a bit of a pricy suite, but believe it or not, if all you need is endpoint security, they have you covered for a lesser price. Endpoint security is one of the features available from their total protection suite, and it integrates very well with servers, local machines and SaaS platforms with a diverse and flexible web API and a perpetually-updated intruder profile list.

While not available strictly on its own, the customizable total protection plans can vary in price, and one of the standard plans focuses on their endpoint protection for a fairly moderate price. This one’s good if you’re not looking to save tons of money.

#2 – AS Anti-Virus

AvaliaSoft has actually earned a pretty good reputation in the digital security industry, not unlike McAfee or Norton. However, unlike McAfee, they offer a total package that’s exclusively an SaaS edition.

This system is based off of their highly regarded local antivirus system, which holds the world records for the highest detection rate, fastest response time to threats as well as the most frequent update pattern.

While cheaper than McAfee, with monthly plans of all sorts depending on desired feature richness, it’s still not a free system, so expect to pay for this functionality, which is only fair.

#3 – Panda Cloud Office Protection

Panda is a pure SaaS venture for endpoint protection. With no needed servers and a wide range of configurations and integration options across the board, this is the premiere pure SaaS provider of security. McAfee and AvailaSoft are branching out into SaaS, trying the waters, while Panda’s creators are dedicated to the SaaS industry.

It’s powerful but lightweight and not at all difficult to implement and configure. While it’s not free, it’s far cheaper than the alternatives, and does offer a fully functional free trial and some limited freemium plan options as well.

These are only three of the antivirus SaaS suites out there, and as time goes by, there will be many more show up, possibly to topple these as the best of their field. This is a growing new niche, and one that will not only make SaaS more secure as a whole, but also make desktop security programs far less of a heavy beast with half their task set offloaded elsewhere.


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