3 Cloud Collaboration Software for Your Business

Cloud collaboration makes content accessible irrespective of location or time, thereby presenting a significant competitive advantage for organizations that adopt it. Powerful software defines a set of web based technologies that enable users to take advantage of the power of the cloud to collaborate, tackling projects in a much more secure, flexible and scalable online environment. Such tools advance from the limitations experienced with traditional legacy OnPremise software that have for a long time dominated the enterprise.

3 Cloud Collaboration Software for Your Business


1. HyperOffice

HyperOffice eliminates emailing to share information by delivering a fully integrated suite of tools for better business productivity. It will bring your teams together in a fully hosted and totally customizable environment that includes free support.

Here’s the Lowdown

  • Small business features. This collaboration suite has over 10 easy-to-use features including document management and file storage, Webmail, project management tools, online calendars and online contact management.
  • Free yourself from IT overload. As a completely cloud-based groupware, HyperOffice does not require you to download, install or maintain any software. All you need is a few clicks and you will be up and running in no time. Let your team focus on other key business goals.
  • User friendly. Its desktop-like user interface makes it easy to use; just sign-in and you are good to go. In case of any problem, HyperOffice offers interactive tutorials and self-paced online training, as well as free technical support to customers.
  • Road-ready. Because it is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, your authorized employees, customers and partners can use this cloud collaboration software to get progress updates from any computer with an internet connection through their username and password.
  • Mobile. HyperOffice allows you to gain access to your business email, business contacts, calendars, etc. on virtually every smartphone device including iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.
  • Pay as you go. Because the Suite charges businesses a low monthly subscription fee, businesses don’t have to worry about huge capital expenses.
  • Big business functionality at small business price. The king of collaboration tools and value offered by this software was only seen in costly corporate products. Now it is available for $7 per month per user.
  • Online Groups. Define groups by interests, departments, etc. and deliver information to the right people and at the right time. Each group shares a workspace that offers your team the right tools and online environment for optimum collaboration.
  • Peace of mind. Virus protection, data integrity and security, as well as behind-the scenes data backup programs to keep your information safe, secure and protected

2. SAP Jam

SAP Jam provides social collaboration at work, connecting colleagues, customers and partners with information, processes and applications to help solve complex business-critical problems and deliver results.

By introducing collaboration to HR, sales and other processes, you can be able to increase employee and customer engagement, reduce training costs, and shorten sales cycles. Disconnected silos of social collaboration can be avoided using a single, secure social platform across the entire organization.

Streamline key business processes

You will not only be able to drive, but also track the offline work that happens when exceptions come up or teamwork is needed to tackle a business-critical issue quickly. Connect, communicate, and monitor discussions as well as system notifications for easy follow-up. Also, create and share video and content to express ideas. Use business tools to organize and drive work while also incorporating data for decision-making.

  •  Connect. Better communications and connect employees across various geographical locations
  •  Improve information sharing. Employees can find or locate subject matter experts fast and share best practices
  •  External Collaboration. Cloud collaboration allows you to strategize, communicate, and even drive progress with vendors, customers and partners.
  • Drive decision-making. Assist teams manage project chaos and build consensus by making informed decisions.
    HR, learning, and knowledge management

Streamline key business processes for hierarchical managers, as well as executives in HR, knowledge management, and learning.

  • Social and blend learning. Minimize training costs through informal learning, whereby experts can create and upload content and video to share expertise. Collaborative communities complement formal training.
  • Social onboarding. Improved time to contribution for new workers as they are connected with relevant people and content.
  • Goal management and collaborative performance. SAP Jam allows creating and sharing of goals collectively for quicker or better goal alignment and task completion.

Sales and service teams

Your sales teams can make use of this software to speed up the sales cycle, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.

  •  Collaborative opportunity management. Cloud collaboration brings together key participants – product management, sales, service, partners, etc. – in the opportunity process, consequently reducing analysis and proposal development time. Moreover, key stakeholders stay updated – in real time – on opportunity progress,.

3. Chatter

Chatter has the following features and capabilities:

Drive Productivity

Chatter allows you to connect, actively engage, and motivate employees to produce efficiently across organizational departments regardless of location or position of responsibility. Collaborate on campaigns, service cases, sales opportunities and projects embedded with applications and custom actions.

Steer Innovation

With a forum for everyone to propose new ideas and share insights, you can be able to link product teams with direct meaningful feedback from your customers on products, campaign and programs. You can also be able to create and even share polls to gauge new ideas.

Knowledge Sharing

Share knowledge, data and files, and connect with team experts from across the organization regardless of location or role.
Take action anywhere.

Use mobile feed to critical projects as well as your team. Close cases, find the latest presentations, update opportunities, and take action on critical updates anywhere and seize every moment.


Cloud technologies have become the most effective and preferred way of sharing information and files, but the cloud has a lot more to offer when it comes to the features, functionality, and benefits of social collaboration. An organization need a comprehensive enterprise tool that will allow its users to share files, collaborate, exchange comments and ideas, provide feedback, and work collaboratively to get things done effectively and efficiently.

Features such as file management, file sharing, knowledge sharing, social learning, online calendar and contact management, Webmail, and discussion boards must feature in a true cloud collaboration tool, collectively making a powerful resource for your organization.


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