3 Saas Products That Will Boost Your Marketing Efforts

saas products

SaaS products are becoming the prominent software standard as internet speeds improve and web technology becomes more refined and sophisticated in order to support it. The delivery of browser-based functionality eliminates platform and capacity concerns as well as allows the embracing of the mobile revolution, and also the cloud revolution as well. The future is bright for SaaS, and the future is brighter for computer users the world around.


However, there are a lot of SaaS products out there that serve a wide variety of needs, and it’s hard to know what’s useful, and what’s useful specifically for what purpose, because the definition of SaaS can be a bit blurred by its very nature. So, we’re going to look today at the top three SaaS products that will increase effectiveness and proficiency in your company’s marketing.


The rules of this list are simple. It can’t be a social network, it must run directly through a browser, any browser made after 2006, and it must be independent of demographic or business model. With that out of the way, let’s look at what we have.

#1 – Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a text-oriented advertising and tracking system, and the primary source of Google’s income. With Google AdWords, your company can reach out to the internet from one centralized location through their revolutionary and unobtrusive text ads, and have Google dynamically find the right demographics for you, even if you didn’t even know these demographics matched your service.

But what’s more, through Google AdWords, you can track keywords being searched on Google, and see which things are trending and which combinations of keywords are the most often used. This can be employed in SEO campaigning as well as other outreach strategies to best make yourself seen by customers in any given marketing and digital climate out there.

Google all but invented the modern unobtrusive ad, and the keyword marketing system, so one would be foolhardy to not make use of their services now.

#2 – SalesForce

SalesForce is an all-in-one marketing, book keeping and customer tracking suite that replaces niches filled by old, deprecated software such as Platypus, Access and Excel.

In one fell swoop, you can design custom price books, launch campaigns of any size, log customers, set up discounts and special books, design product entries and track all of the incoming and outgoing requests and purchases.

With a dynamic programming system called Apex and a slick template markup called VisualForce, SalesForce allows computer-savvy companies to design auto-mailers, custom dashboards and much more with minimal complexity or stress.

For an all in one solution for marketing and campaigning, while keeping the books and customer logs in order, SalesForce is an absolute must have for the ambitious company or marketing executive.

#3 – HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing and campaign software similar to SalesForce but with inbound marketing campaigns in mind. With ease of use and a very professional interface, this software is deceptively powerful for such a low price.

With dynamic tracking and wizard-powered campaign design as well as in-depth manual creation, this software covers all the bases for marketing and campaign needs from a single spot. Need security? This software’s about as secure as it gets.

HubSpot offers scalability to fit individuals, small businesses and vast enterprises easily, and it can grow as your company and ambitions grow, without any increased complexity or difficulty added.

With a powerful interface, dynamic tracking and support that can’t be matched, HubSpot should not be overlooked, even if you’re already using SalesForce.

These are only a few of the SaaS products that can make marketing much easier and more effective, both from a sales and outreach stance for your company – there are so many more, too many to ever begin to list.