3 Top SaaS Articles of the Week

Summer has finally come to an end! I can’t tell you how good that’s making me feel. There’s just something about the winter that inspires me and makes me feel more energetic.

Taking my new full battery, I compiled the 3 best SaaSosphere articles of the week for you to enjoy.

Top 3 SaaS Articles of The Week:

Banking on the cloud and SaaS rise in Europe 

by Hunter Ruthven

Working out what to do with yourself once you’ve exited from a successful business is a crossroads moment – do you start again or try something new? For the team at cloud software business MessageLabs, when the business was acquired by Symantec in 2008 they had to make that big decision. Rather than put their weight behind one new business, they picked a route which would allow them to be involved in as many exciting start-ups as they wanted – as venture capitalists.

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Practicing safe SaaS: The new reality of information technology 

by VentureBeat Staff

Once a catchy PR buzzword, the cloud has become a very real and vital element of the modern technology landscape. But as with every technological step forward, the cloud has brought with it some unintended side effects. In the case of enterprise cloud technology, those side effects include concerns over loss of control and security risks.

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Telogis Raises $93M From Kleiner Perkins In Pre-IPO Round To Extend Location Intelligence SaaS Platform For New Mobile Workforce

by Alex Williams

Telogis has raised $93 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to deepen its location-based services platform for operations that have large mobile workforces. The funding will further help fuel the company’s expansion in the anticipation of an IPO next year.

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