4 Best SaaS Financial Software

It’s that time again, time to talk about some of the best SaaS financial software out there. Yeah, I know I’ve posted lists like this many times, but that’s the thing. Every now and then, new software comes out, or one improves and becomes better than what used to be the crème of the crop. Well, given that, I have to do this now and then, and don’t you roll your eyes at me, because this information being kept up to date keeps your repertoire of business tools up to date, too.

SaaS financial software is very integral in a modern business being able to function at its best. See, you certainly know how important business software itself is, but you probably wonder why, aside from obviously being an SaaS journalist, I actually specifically call for SaaS. Well, I’ve talked about the fiscal benefits of this software model, so I’m not going to repeat myself here about that. It’s actually the security and connectivity I want to point out.

Given how important intrapalnetary connectivity is now, and who knows maybe interplanetary in a few more decades, you need accessibility for people working with your company to be distance independent, yet secure against ne’er-do-wells. SaaS provides just that. How it does this is technical, I’ll touch on that some other time. Enough of that, it’s time for your bi-monthly update of the top four financial programs SaaS has to offer.

Oh, order of listing these actually counts this time, and you’ll see why in a second!

#1 – FinancialForce

FinancialForce is my highest recommendation for three reasons. First, it is developed by the CRM gurus who gave us SalesForce, and offers a similar level of feature richness and customization power, though geared to financial things like book keeping, fiscal metrics and budgets on an infinite scale. Similarly priced and with the same basic account types, if you know how to use SalesForce, you can use this with almost no learning curve.

Second, it integrates tightly with SalesForce, which ninety percent of the planet uses now. Seriously.

Finally, well, my research says it’s one of the more popular and affordable enterprise-scaled suites, and I trust my peers when they say things, honestly.

#2 – NetSuite

If you don’t use SalesForce, then first off, why don’t you? Oh well. Beyond that, if you don’t use SalesForce, or don’t want something for your financial department to work the same way, your next best bet is NetSuite’s financial cadre. They do have more mobile-readiness to them than FinancialForce does, admittedly, which is good if your agents are on the go.

I really recommend this one if you don’t want to use FinancialForce for any reason, it just doesn’t integrate as well with SalesForce. And I keep pointing that out only because SalesForce is such a standard in CRM now that it’s probably more likely you do use it than do not. However, the next one does integrate with it, but is not quite as developed as NetSuite.

#3 – Intacct

Intacct is actually a company, but they offer a financial suite comparable to NetSuite if a little less feature-rich, and a little bit green at the moment. Less known than its competitors, Intacct is actually quickly making a name for themselves, so while they’re a tad green in some departments, that’s no reason to snub them, for certain.

Intacct actually integrates with SalesForce and a few other popular CRM systems, so if you don’t mind some growing pains with the software, maybe in that situation, I’d recommend it over NetSuite.

#4 – Oracle

Oracle is a subsidiary of Sun, and is also synonymous with a databasing technology. However, given that Sun is the developer of Java and its derivative, JavaScript, you can expect Oracle-powered SaaS to be more than competent.

Oracle does not, as of writing this, have a dedicated, productized financial suite, but if you are a larger company, and want to build something proprietary and to your specific needs, which isn’t uncommon, you can work with Oracle to have something easily built to suit your needs. This is a pricier and more time consuming path, but if you don’t like the boxed SaaS above, then this is probably going to be where you go.

These are just a few of the best SaaS fincnacial software suites and options out there, and as you see, from last time’s list, a lot has changed in the field.

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