4 Performance Support Software to Pay Close Attention To

By: Omri @SaaSAddict Erel

Performance Support is about providing employees with on-the-spot knowledge to enable them perform an online task when they need it.

Increasingly a technology-supported tool, it provides just the necessary support and task guidance to = users, exactly when needed (just as when they are performing a complex process on a business software).

Unlike traditional approaches to training employees, which often does not produce competent employees at the desired speed, or fails to leave a lasting impact and high knowledge retention, performance support brings change to the working environment by providing a more practical “learn as you work” approach. The major benefits derived from this kind of approach include reduced employee errors, minimized requests for helpdesk assistance, improved productivity, and increased accuracy.

I want to take a look at 4 options for performance support – hope you find them valuable to you and your business.

1. WalkMe

With WalkMe, managers can overlay comprehensive step-by-step instructions on a website or web-based enterprise software. This empowers a company’s  employees to rapidly perform unfamiliar online tasks in a simple manner. To accomplish this, a series of real-time tip balloons provide the employee with useful explanations and straightforward call-to-actions toward successfully completing the desired process. For example, it will say “click here”, then open this menu, etc. The system benefits new employees who are just entering the company or veterans going through orientation to learn a change brought by a new website or software. It also helps in making software updates and introduction of new features a smooth and painless process for managers and employees alike.

2. Coachware

Coachware acts as an employee’s virtual assistant by guiding him/her in performing complex tasks while learning how to best utilize the software at the office. It requires no installations and no plugins. It is a native web application that communicates with the existing architecture and teaches all employees to complete various processes they otherwise would not be able to do by themselves. This eliminates the employee’s need for support or helpdesk assistance.




3. Datango

The “Datango performance suite” supports the long-awaited rollout, system upgrade, and fundamental operation of enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, and SCM systems. By automatically creating documentation, e-learning materials, classroom training presentations, and online help, it can be able to translate all into 40 languages at just a click of a button. Datango breaks down complexity and delivers value, by reducing the need external trainers or consultants to spend several weeks at your office, guiding managers and employees on how to get started.

4. Knoa Software

Knoa provides end user experience management and performance that enable managers to not only monitor, but also measure and manage end-users, especially concerning how they utilize enterprise applications for optimum end-user experience, and enhanced user performance, and ultimately deliver a return on investment (ROI). Knoa uses unique points of differentiation to deliver high value solutions that address the respective high value cases in Training and Education, IT Service, Application Support, Functional Support and Line of Business Areas.

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