4 Traffic Acquisition Tools to Help you Grow Your Business

Drawing traffic to your website or blog is one of most effective ways of gaining publicity for your business.

Growth hackers use product and distribution knowledge to identify technology-based avenues for growth. For growth hackers to be effective, they must possess a significant understanding of technology, particularly how users interact with it, new trends and how it might be integrated into different tools and platforms. While growth hackers possess a specialized skill set, there are ways traditional marketers can generate growth for their company in these avenues without actually knowing how to code.

The following are some tools companies can use to draw traffic to their sites, without substantial coding knowledge.

#1 Twitter 

The increasing popularity of Twitter has made it a valuable platform to draw traffic to your site. While having a Twitter account for your company is useful, there are other advantages to Twitter. “Pay with a Tweet” gives people access to certain content or a certain product once they have “paid” by tweeting or posting about that particular product or service. This might be advantageous in a product launch phase, as it can create buzz and cause your product to go viral. Paying with a tweet also allows you to measure traffic, clicks, sales and geo data.

“Click to Tweet” is a free option that allows you to promote and advertise your business on Twitter. It simply allows users to share a particular product on Twitter and also enables the company to measure analytics.

Twilighter allows visitors to your website to highlight particular sections of content from the site or blog and share that on Twitter instantly. Twilighter will also indicate the most shared content on the site so new users can find it easily. Twilighter is also free.

#2 Nimble 

Nimble is a relationship management tool; it allows you to combine all your contacts, emails and activities from different channels, helping you to maximize business growth. Nimble can manage thousands of contacts across multiple channels, and will notify you about important events such as job changes within your contacts. Nimble also allows you to view who’s talking about you, giving you the opportunity to reach out to these contacts at the appropriate time.

#3 Colibri 

Colibri shows where your customers are engaging online and allows you to insert yourself into relevant conversations. According to their website, Colibri.io delivers over 2 million traffic growth ideas monthly The primary benefit of Colibri is that it allows you to improve SEO and diversify traffic. It also integrates with Google Analytics.

#4 MixRank 

MixRank is a unique tool that allows you to identify potential sales leads. Between the company’s launch in July 2011, and December 2011, over 4000 advertisers built display campaigns on the MixRank platform MixRank’s key benefits include allowing you to find new traffic sources, identifying placements that are most likely to be seen by your target audience, and monitoring the competition’s split tests to see which creatives and ad copy are most effective.






Sydney Rootman is the Editor and Lead Writer for SaaSAddict. SaaSAddict shares news and information on SaaS, cloud migration and product marketing, in hopes of fostering discussion and interaction with the professional community.