My 5 Favorite SaaS Articles This Week

This week’s selection features articles about changing the interface of web design, colleges using SaaS software, and different revenue streams for SaaS companies. Have a look below and enjoy these interesting articles.

SaaS Companies Look To Change The Interface Of Web Design

Code free web designing platforms have taken the IT world by storm. These ingenious applications permit web designers to create website without in-depth knowledge on coding. These services significantly streamline the development process or in some cases altogether do away the services of a 3rd party developer.

Colleges Branch Out with Powerful SaaS Apps

Two American universities have recently made headlines by integrating SaaS applications into the core operations. The University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of communication & Journalism has successfully introduced the Adobe Creative Cloud, which offers common platform for students and staff to interact. The University of Emory has made use of the Box SaaS application in their payment workflow procedures. According to reliable sources this has enabled this institution to streamline this critical process with turnarounds now requiring only 5 days from the previous 26 days.

SaaS bill of rights

The SaaS platform has greatly transformed many organizations’ outlook to IT . This has made them more agile, develop new business models and reduce operational costs. However, some firms still refuse to transfer sensitive data to this platform due to security concerns.

11 Revenue Streams For SaaS Business

There is an incorrect notion that SaaS by itself is profitable. It only becomes so when teamed up with an effective revenue generation strategy. This usually entails a shift from subscription based approaches to an upsell approach that improves client value.

How to overcome the hurdle of user churn

Churn is simply a way of determining the number of months a client stays with before they move on. SaaS clients usually renew these services on a monthly basis which makes it infinitely easier to work out churn rates.

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