5 SaaS Industry Leaders to Learn From

This list represents a collection of companies that continuously take novel concepts and risks in the realm of SaaS. These SaaS companies are leaving hardware behind in sake of software and are finding ways to deal with, security, networking, market segmentation, data and countless infrastructure-related subjects.
Businesses both large and small want products that are nimble and can scale up as the business develops. As an alternative of infinite cycles of upgrading and hardware maintenance, and SaaS precisely can offer that advantages which leads to its rapid growth. Here are my top 5 SaaS brands that really shape the industry.


1) Salesforce

The unofficial founder of the SaaS industry and its unshaken leader, this American-based company is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, even though they sell other services, like Work.com and AppExchange.
Salesforce disrupted the old-fashioned enterprise software sales procedure by creating a different financial plan. This methodology allowed the company to produce orders of magnitude quicker than most enterprise companies and put them in a position to be successful long term.


2) Oracle

Serving 400,000 customers and 100 of the Fortune 1000 Orcale is the second largest SaaS supplier in the world after Salesforce. Mainly functioning in public and retail sectors, they have massive influence in marketing, CRM and ERP. Most recently they have targeted marketers with voice recognition being added to their mobile sales software suit. Oracle Fusion is their lead product, meant for CRM and Financial services with the Oracle Sales Cloud.


3) Workday®

Workday® is one of Silicon Valley’s most triumphant stories of recent years. Their cloud design software is so popular it is estimated at $15 billion market cap. The company’s software is being used by the human resources and financial planning divisions of big customers like Morgan Stanley, Johnson & Johnson, Yahoo and Walmart.


4) New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics company that uses billions of data points from millions of applications simultaneously. Relic’s inclusive SaaS-based service provides one interface for native mobile applications and web. This provides real time detailed insights into your overall business environment.
More than 500,000 users and 11,000 paid business accounts trust New Relic to provide them with a look into the billions of real-time metrics from inside their software and deliver responses to their significant business inquiries.


5) Zendesk

Zendesk, Inc. is a software development company that offers a fully cloud based customer service platform. As of 2015, the Company added 40,000 customer accounts on its customer service platform, which includes organizations across an extensive array of sizes, industries, and all over the globe. Through Zen U, its training service, it provides courses to help its customers quickly acquire knowledge and expertise on how to efficiently use its customer service platform, along with implementing customer service practices.

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