5 Saas Onboarding Tools You Need to Know

SaaS onboarding is a constantly evolving process – transforming with technological innovations, design trends, and deeper understanding of user needs. Once the users adapt their key expectations to onboarding developments, the cycle begins again and continues.


However, one naked truth about onboarding is that it has remained the same since the dawn of technology.


Current innovators just have to establish a way to implement these developments seamlessly into the current highly technological environment. It is critical to ensure that customers find value during the initial stages – first days, weeks, or months after signup so that they can continue using your services.


Customers may sign up before making payments, but will only continue to pay you if they are receiving value for their money, month in month out.

5 Saas Onboarding Tools You Need to Know

1. Evergageeg_logo_194-1a-2

With its dynamic messages, Evergage increases conversion rates and boosts customer satisfaction. Marketers can use Evergage to promote timely, calls to action that are relevant to every visitor. An attractive aspect is the fact that it is all backed by behavior-based analytics. This tool can be used to walk new customers or users through a SaaS onboarding process, step-by-step.


Furthermore, you can also use it in promoting your free demo offer – as long as it works for you. If you are looking for a conversion rate optimization tool, as well as onboarding tool (all in one), then Evergage is right for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an IT guru or a SaaS ninja to be able to use it!


While no two onboarding strategies can be identical, the common critical link that connects successful onboarding processes is nothing other than a commitment to creating exceptional customer delight.


2. Intercom

If you asked anyone with Google Analytics, s/he would tell you how easy it is to track visitors to their site. However, the catch is getting to know each visitor and his/her browsing habits. This is where Intercom steps in to create user profiles for each of your customers. It goes beyond just knowing his/her names, email, and purchases.


While you may overlook this information, it is quite helpful because once you reach to your customers in a timely manner using automatic, customizable in-app messages, you can make better informed choices. Intercom is an innovative CRM app which enables you to interact with users or customers by email or live chat feature on your site when they are online.


For website owners, Intercom let’s you interact more efficiently with users. Fortunately, any business that owns a site can be their customers. And as for end users (people from sales, marketing, and support), intercom can be used as a CRM tool.


3. Measurely

In today’s age, social media provides a platform through which organizations can meet their customers. And since companies can meet most of their potential customers on social media, Measurely eliminates the guessing to allow effective tracking of social media and content marketing efforts.


It will help you discover what content is converting, as well as how valuable your communities are to your SaaS onboarding process.


Therefore, how do you know if Measurely is good for you? You know this if your inbound marketing strategy is part and parcel of your customer onboarding process. It is also an easy way to interact and get to know your community, including how people interact with one another.


Measurely provides you with information that you need at your fingertips, thus, enabling account reps to lead meaningful, strategic conversations with customers. With real-time dashboard, you can be able to get insights on time spent on each page, including other vital information such as percentage of page read, conversions, social shares, reach, geography, demographics, and traffic sources.


Furthermore, you get a summary of performance across the devices used to browse the internet, such as desktop, tablet and mobile.


4. Userfox

Just so you know, e-mail marketing is a forgotten hero. However, Userfox chips in to help you leverage the inherent power and influence of a well-timed, well-written email. It promises “better welcome emails” in just 15 minutes! Thus, letting you quickly build a series or sequence of customer onboarding emails.


These emails can better explain your product to both trial users and potential clients because they are timed for maximum effect. The result is more trial conversions, fewer support emails (which can be annoying) and lower churn.


5. WalkMe

Because you have so much to say, it gets more difficult to divide your attention between product or app sale and guiding new or potential customers through the initial few steps.


This way, your visitors, or even some sale get lost along the way. One of the best ways to solve this problem is by using WalkMe, which means you will able to add a systematic walk-thru to your site or app.


What is expected of you at this point is write down your instructions for each and every step and you shall have set up a great onboarding process. Take control and persuade your prospects to take action using WalkMe.


In addition, you can take any multi-functional service or app and create a frame to focus and direct your users to take an action or any other task you wish them to, granting you total control.


Besides, using the advanced Walk-Thru system, you will be able to simply any complex action and turn it into child’s play and break down complex tasks into step-by-step, easily comprehensible tutorials that will engage your users and boost usability rates, including user experience to a whole new level.



SaaS onboarding is very dynamic – always evolving and transforming with technological innovations and design trends that come with deeper understanding of user needs. Once the users adapt their key expectations to onboarding developments, the cycle regenerates.


Sometimes it can get very challenging when you have to divide your attention between app/product sale and guiding a new customer through your processes, WalkMe can help you here.


On the other hand, with its dynamic messages, Evergage increases conversion rates and boosts customer satisfaction while Intercom steps in to create user profiles for each of your customers. Measurely will help you get rid of the guesswork for effective tracking of social media and content marketing efforts, as Userfox comes in handy to help you leverage the power and effect of a well-timed/-written email.


These SaaS onboarding tools are so important and you should know them, as they can help you improve business efficiency and effectiveness.



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