5 Sales Coaching Systems that Can Impact a Company’s Sales Force

Companies are increasingly turning to sales coaching as a way to enable sales management.

These programs help train, lead and manage effectively. In addition to other performance management applications, these tools help enable sales teams to better understand where they can improve. Not only does it help identify areas of concern, but sales coaching can help sales teams sell more effectively while requiring little of management. This is critical for those sales managers who do not have the time for one on one coaching and who may not have all the tools required to facilitate great coaching conversations.

There are currently a variety of sales coaching software solutions available to you to help motivate and advise your sales team. So I’ve compiled 5 software solutions to help you advance your sales and increase employee productivity.

1. ValueSelling Associates

ValueSelling Associates focus on the provision of B2B professionals in all sales roles. They work to engage the leadership of your organization in order to understand and diagnose some of the causes of your sales difficulties. Next they help develop a program to address these problems directly. They follow through with training for your sales team and offer a variety of support in order to create positive changes. From assessment to instructor-led training and finally to follow up and reinforcement, the work of ValueSelling Associates can provide sales process optimization.

2. CSL Software Solutions

The eCoach software from CSL Software Solutions provides sales professionals with tools to evaluate their competencies, skills and performance. eCoach is optimized for use on both desktop and mobile devices. With mobile access, management can effectively coach remotely. eCoach offers high quality visual aids so that everyone can quickly analyze results. It even offers objective setting and skills measurement, which can help build solid electronic appraisals and reviews.

3. NICE Sales Performance Management

This software solution offers a sales performance management program that helps you manage and reduce complaint disputes and inquiries. Sales team members are able to track their performance, including commissions as well as see more detailed transactions. They can also monitor team performance and leverage reports, analytics and quotas. Most importantly it can help immediately identify sales team members who may require additional coaching and help to assign specific performance improvement measures.

4. AchieveGlobal 

Understanding that a salesperson may only have one opportunity to connect with and motivate a customer, AchieveGlobal helps to build excellent sales performance in all team members. It is able to provide insights into buyer-seller relationships and helps your team keep pace by integrating every part of the customer experience. Their tailored and customized sales effective training involves a variety of learning modules including classroom study, online space, social workflow learning or a blend of all of these opportunities.

5. WalkMe – The Enterprise class Guidance and Engagement Platform

WalkMe simplifies common software used by sales team members, such as Salesforce.com, and provides direct assistance and guidance at critical moments when users need it most. This means that users can work effectively and efficiently with increased productivity without frequent requests from a helpdesk and without significant training cost. WalkMe provides every user with a walkthrough to help them manage new software easily and without delay. The result? Shorter training times, in-work performance support, fewer errors, continuous learning and better knowledge retention.


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