5 Top SaaS ERP Vendors

SaaS ERP vendors are becoming increasingly more competitive and cutthroat as the new SaaS war rages across the business world. SaaS is coming into its own as a very respected and “legit” platform of deployment for software, and as this transition occurred, so did competition in all fields, including ERP become far more vicious.

This is a good thing, competition keeps these SaaS ERP vendors on their toes, and keeps them improving their software, reaching for new goals, and exploring new ideas. It increases compatibility and innovation, and ERP is important software that will make the new 21st century workplace possible. So, it’s an important niche for competition to heat up in.


This gives rise to a large array of ERP software options that all want your attention and interest. Which ones should you choose? There are so many SaaS ERP vendors out there, it’s a bit overwhelming. So, let’s narrow it all down a little, and look at five of the best, by current trending data, ERP vendors out there.

#1 – NetSuite

NetSuite has their hands in everything SaaS, so of course they’d invade the world of ERP with gusto. And, as is the case with all of NetSuite’s functionality, their ERP is pretty splendid. It’s reliable and standardized, making a virtual intranet of multichannel communications and data exchange absolutely a breeze and a joy to set up. It’s rather like a model railroad. Fun.

NetSuite is the go to for “what’s the standard?”

#2 – MyERP

Looking for a free solution that’s actually competent? MyERP is the solution for you. This is a full-featured, cross-platform and multichannel communications and exchange manager for the startup, small or medium business. Enterprise function work fine on this, but it’s rare for an enterprise to use free software, regardless how good it is.

MyERP is good, and it’s free.


#3 – xTuple

Xtuple is the ERP solution for growing companies such as successful startups or expanding small businesses. It’s as fully-featured as the others on the list, but with a metric centrism towards growth measurement and organizational restructuring.

XTuple is a good cure for a successful young business’ growing pains.

#4 – Blue Link Elite

This is an accounting and inventory-centered ERP system, though it’s just as potent for communications and exchange as well. For the retail, manufacturing and shipping company, this is the ultimate ERP SaaS, by far. While it requires a little bit of spending to get the most out of it, it’s well worth it for companies in these niches.

#5 – PENTA

PENTA is for the construction, engineering or scientific industry, and once more, while it’s fully featured for communications and exchange, its primary organization and priorities are to facilitate the many resources and metrics of these industries.

This, like Blue Link, is a bit specialized, but that’s wonderful. We’re seeing SaaS ERP vendors feel rooted enough to specialize, and to do it well. This bodes well for the future of SaaS, and it bodes well for the stability and durability of the new 21st century workplace. Things are changing rapidly, and it’s good to know that we have the next software deployment solution handy to truly accommodate it – SaaS.

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