8 Clever SaaS Insights I Found This Week on Twitter

A lot of wisdom can be put in a few words, and the SaaS community on Twitter proves it. This social network is filled with clever insights, from the latest trends and technologies to the most current issues, which guarantee that you’ll stay focused on the most up-to-date material.

These 8 tweets I stumbled upon this week can teach you a lot about the trade, and inspire you to learn more and keep improving. Some offer a fresh point of view, others set important reminders, and all should be retweeted.



The 5 #SaaS Metrics You Need In Your End of Year Board Deck https://t.co/gqcvR0FE9H #startup pic.twitter.com/pgzDEFyyQH

— Patrice Truong (@PatriceTruong) May 23, 2016



Investment committee is only 3 people so we can make decisions pretty quickly @jsomorjai @SalesforceVC https://t.co/BrwwnkNBCM Wow! #SaaS

— Jill Rowley (@jill_rowley) May 21, 2016



Who are the most active #VC investors in #saas?

1. ?
2. @Accel
T-3. @sequoia
T-3. @a16zhttps://t.co/o2sBu0T1TG pic.twitter.com/JW3Jhqxgaa

— PitchBook Data (@PitchBook) May 17, 2016



#GrowthHacking 101: How to Activate Growth in Your #SaaS Business via @jamilvelji https://t.co/cLovVAJG9x

— Aaron Orendorff (@iconiContent) May 17, 2016



“What #Sales Can Teach Us About Account Based #Marketing ” by @toprank https://t.co/S3RHCgYlYd #ABM #SaaS pic.twitter.com/vv9rna9vS6

— Jack Kosakowski (@JackKosakowski1) May 16, 2016



How I went about transitioning my agency into a #SaaS products company by @bendell #startup https://t.co/GHWQGdmhi5

— Andrew Marks (@CSuccessHacker) May 16, 2016



7 Company Founder’s #GrowthHacking Tips | https://t.co/82wA43v5JF | #entrepreneur #startup #Saas #GrowthHacker #SEO

— Sadhana Balaji (@SadhanaBalaji) May 16, 2016


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