9 LinkedIn Groups For Entrepreneurs You Must Join Today

Yes, we know it’s subjective, but we really wanted to share with you some of our favorite LinkedIn groups. In the huge ocean of LinkedIn groups, 2.1 million to be exact, it can become difficult to find the ones we can truly learn from. Why these groups of all? Because we find the discussions there very interesting and the content shared there truly enriching. These groups can be used as sources of information, but also as “support groups” for entrepreneurs looking to grow and evolve in the industry.

So without further ado, here are 9 LinkedIn groups you should join, if you haven’t already joined:

Digital Marketing (or: DM)

Number of members: 997,357


Digital Marketing is one of the most exciting and dynamic groups on LinkedIn for digital marketing professionals.

Group discussions cover all areas of the digital marketing landscape and include topics such as social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online PR, email marketing, online advertising, measurement and web analytics, best practice digital marketing and more….

We provide updates to the latest whitepapers and industry reports to keep you updated on trends, innovation and best practice digital marketing.

We also organise an exciting events programme of
conferences, social and networking events to bring the digital marketing community together.


Angel Investor Group

Number of members: 44,844


The Angel Investor Group’s goal is to share deal flow (potential opportunities) feedback, due diligence work, and pool funds to make larger seed fund investments in high-growth business start-ups in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. We seek 30x return over 5 year & an exit strategy.


TED Talks Discussion Group

Number of members: 24, 479


This is a casual group of people that enjoy the thought-provoking talks offered by TED.com. This is not a debate group, but rather a collection of courteous individuals that aspire to learn more about their world.


Executive Suite

Number of members: 314,130


The purpose of the Executive Suite is executive-level peer connections, trusted insight and practical advice to help you sharpen your decision-making and elevate your work, your company and your career.

As a Suite member, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to the original web series, ExecuNet Master Class. “Master Class transforms the world’s leading community of the brightest business thinkers, top leadership experts and trusted career advisors into my own personal network of instructors to help me do my very best work and take my career wherever I want it to go next.” – Fred, CEO of a global communications firm

The Executive Suite is a moderated group. Discussions are reviewed before being posted and approved based on volume of submissions and relevance to the group. For more details, see the group rules.

The Executive Suite is managed by ExecuNet, the leading and largest membership-based community for senior-level executives. To learn about ExecuNet, visit www.execunet.com.

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CrowdSourcing & CrowdFunding for Entrepreneurs & Investors

Number of members: 41,611


The worlds #1 largest online group for CrowdSourcing & CrowdFunding! We invite you to join.


Future Trends

Number of members: 437,653


Connect with fellow trend hunters, corporate visionaries and future thinkers representing a diverse cross section of industries including Marketing, Brand/Product Management, Consumer Insights, Strategic Planning, Product Development, Innovation, Forecasting, Future Strategy, and Trend Tracking.

We are proud that The Future Trends LinkedIn Group has been rated as a top LinkedIn group on 2 recent publications including Startup Grind and Business News Daily.


Band of Entrepreneurs

Number of members: 22,870


Band of Entrepreneurs is a non profit organisation of, by and for entrepreneurs.

It is formed owing to the collective conscience of its founder entrepreneurs to facilitate and accelerate the development of the entrepreneurial /startup ecosystem.

Support, Education, Networking and Mentoring are the four cornerstones upon which Organization principally functions.

Band of Entrepreneurs aims to provide three sixty degree support to its registered members in terms of Legal Help, Human Resource, Public Relations, Technology, Finance, Marketing and discount on products and services necessary to boost start-ups; thereby becoming the one stop fully dedicate helpline/lifeline for entrepreneurs – facilitating the transition of their ideas into full fledged flourishing businesses.

Band of Entrepreneurs also envisages an educative/mentoring and training support system for the entrepreneurs.

Tags: Startups, Investors, Funding, VC, Venture Capital, Angels, Angel Investors, Mentoring, Private Equity, Investment, CEO.



Consultants Network

Nubmer of members: 392,488


A consulting group that unites all global strategy, management, marketing, finance, business, IT consultants & freelancers. With over 400,000+ global members the largest consultancy community on LinkedIn. (management, business, interim, freelance, advisory, consultant, recruitment, network, jobs).


Leadership Think Tank

Number of members: 199,566

Leadership ThinkTank is a Community committed to collaborate for the improvement of leadership concepts and practices. Our world has entered a new era of relationship between leaders and followers, which very clearly, calls for new leaders and a new brand of Leadership in Business and Industry.

Our challenge is to find good people to help us accomplish that goal, because gathering a successful community of people is not only helpful, it’s necessary to the pursue of this goal.

So to guide you in this daunting task of picking the right people to join The Leadership Think Tank, I’m going to share with you a four-part checklist.

Number One: your history. Everyone has something to say, Everyone has something to share, we want to learn from you.

Number Two: Your interest level. If you are interested in improving yourself and others, you are probably a good prospect. Sometimes people can fake their interest, but we have enough members who will be a capable to judge of whether you are merely pretending.

Number Three: Your responses. Response tells us a lot about someone’s integrity, character and skills. A person’s responses are good indications of his or her character. Our attitudes reflect our inner selves, so even if we can fool others for a while, eventually, our true selves will emerge.

Number Four: Your results. The name of the game is results. How else can we effectively judge an individual’s performance? The final judge must be results. So share yours!

Remember, building a good community will be one of our most challenging tasks but It will reap us multiple rewards for a long time to come.






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