August’s Best Tech and Entrepreneurship Articles

Another month has passed, which means it’s time for another monthly roundup of the best tech, SaaS and business news! Read about the digital healthcare revolution, discover seven great SaaS startups you should get to know by the end of the year, see how you can leverage the digital world in order to make your sales force more efficient and more.

What Does Gliimpse’s Acquisition Mean for Apple (and the Healthcare Industry)

Apple continues its (so far successful) journey to connecting the brand to active and healthy living, with the acquisition of Gliimpse, a startup that simplifies the management of health records for patients. This is great news for Apple and Gliimpse, but they are not the only winners in this story.

In this post, we follow Apple’s journey to enter the healthcare industry and try to better understand the impact of their approach on the industry.


Fast SaaS: 7 SaaS Startups You Need to Know

2016 is about 3/4 over, which means this is the perfect time to look back and examine the best companies to watch. Talkin’ Cloud did just that in their recent article, introducing us to 7 startups “who are disrupting the way companies recruit new talent, provide customer service, and manage their spending – all without unwrapping a box of software.” Inside, you can find various SaaS solutions, starting from an accounting and finance app to a project management tool.

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Event Driven SaaS – The Workflow of The Future

Many of us live by the common knowledge that “reports sell software.” This means that a company buys a database, and after a purchase, salespeople, marketers and customer success staff need to update the database so a report can be generated. However, if you ask Tomasz Tunguz, the process should be a bit different…Enter “Event Driven SaaS.”


The State of SaaS in 2016: What a Recent Report Means for Your Business and Your Staff

Software analysis firm Better Buys has released its state of SaaS report for 2016. It reveals a fast-growing industry that’s also transforming into a vertical system all employees will need to know. Read through Brandon’s Vigliarolo’s analysis of the report to discover where the SaaS industry is headed.


5 Steps to Closing SaaS Security Gaps

In this “Smarter with Gartner” article, Susan Moore reminds us that cloud security principles and governance should not only be applied in-house, but also to the public cloud.  The trouble is that some cloud services are being procured without the knowledge and control of the enterprise IT organization. Some of these services don’t have the necessary enterprise security controls in place. This article presents some conclusions Gartner analysts got from talking to security teams who are dealing with large number of cloud applications and services.

Internet of Things in Healthcare: Information Technology in Health

The Internet of Things has reached the healthcare industry, where the pen and paper has been the primary means of recording patient information for decades. Nowadays, healthcare apps let patients schedule appointments, get information and manage their medical records through their mobile devices. In this article, Andrew Meola shows how IoT will revolutionize the healthcare industry and discusses the companies that lead the way.


Global Corporates: A New Dimension to Tech Entrepreneurship

This is a guest post for Forbes, written by co-founder and managing director of Founders Factory,  Jim Meyerle. He presents three common theories on how successful tech ventures start, and then explores a fourth one which is growing in Europe: large corporate sponsors are engaging with assembled groups of innovators to empower new ideas and leverage their own scale, distribution power and audience reach to launch truly innovative and disruptive technology businesses.


3 Ways Tech Can Improve Your Sales Team

In a world of fluid customer expectations, sales organizations are increasingly embracing the digital. Yet, despite heavy digital investment, revenue target achievement is falling short. Read as Michael Buckley examines the best practices in maximizing the potential of the sales force in the digital world.

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