There’s a New Virtual Reality Headset for Your iPhone, and It’s Here Just in Time

Apple is not wasting any time in their race to beat Google for user experience and simplicity. Occipital, a San Francisco-based Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality startup, just unveiled its new Bridge Virtual Reality headset, which will work exclusively with iPhone. According to, the Bridge Virtual Reality packs in  both mixed reality and 6DoF

November’s Top 8 Picks: Cybersecurity Risk and Prevention Tips

I’m sure at some point, personally or professionally, you have experienced a breach in your personal information or identity. Maybe your credit card number was stolen, email hacked, or you experienced a breach in data at work.   CyberMonday is less than one day away, and we thought it would be appropriate to roundup this

Rise of the Machines – 8 Articles that Predict the Future of Machine Learning

It’s Halloween and that means every article you come across will have some spooky twist. That is, until the smell of turkey starts to fill the streets. But witches and demons are no longer the threat they once were. In recent years, Halloween has summoned eerie thoughts and ideas about “the rise of the machines.”

Keys to the Kingdom – Things to Remember When Creating Sound IT Policy

Information security means, first and foremost, keeping information safe. This is why every corporation needs to have an organized IT policy.   An IT policy is more than a document listing what you can and cannot do – it’s a strategic tools that helps us to guarantee information is protected from disclosure, unauthorized access or