Looking At the Future of SaaS, AI and IT through Experts’ Eyes – 9 Must Read Articles

The future is here. In case you were wondering. Technology is advancing in record speed, as innovations that were a foggy prediction come to life one after the other. This passing month, I decided to explore “future studies” and browsed the web for the latest advancements in the tech world, and especially AI, IT and

What does a successful entrepreneur look like?

This is a question many aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves when contemplating whether or not they should march this challenging path. Painting the portrait of a “successful entrepreneur” is no easy task, because great minds don’t always think alike. Nonetheless, StartupBros tried to come up with the common features successful entrepreneurs share based on a survey

Even the Smallest Core Element Can Affect the Whole System – An Interview with IT Expert Chad Massaker

As part of our Industry Leaders Interview series, we reached out to Chad Massaker for a few questions concerning some of the biggest challenges and burning topics people in the IT industry often face, and lucky for us, he was happy to share his thoughts and insights. The result is a great piece of innovative

Build the rapport that’ll take them from “prospects” to “customers” in no time

Rapport is a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group that enables greater and easier communication. In other words, rapport is getting on well with other individuals by building a common ground in a way that makes communication simpler and easier. In sales, rapport is an imminent part in landing a new customer.