July’s Best SaaS Tech Articles

During July, many SaaS professionals focused their research and writings on SaaS sales, specifically on how to reach your target audience. This list of articles is mainly directed on how to successfully sell your SaaS product, as it requires a pointedly different approach than regular sales. With tips from the experts on how to successfully

SaaS Spotlight: MeghaWare

Understanding SaaS companies is no easy task. For the common person, cloud-computing and software-as-a-service may be entirely foreign concepts. Ironically, though, each and every smartphone user interacts with SaaS applications on a daily basis. It may be difficult to understand SaaS conceptually, but it’s not so difficult to grasp the industry if you look at

SaaS Based Application Architecture – Best Practices

Observing SaaS based application architecture in cloud computing will enable developers to build scalable, fault-tolerant applications at much lower costs and on a pay per use basis.   Application design for SaaS or cloud infrastructure requires a number of key considerations to leverage the benefits delivered by the cloud. The design of the traditional applications