Saas conferences of 2013 – What can we expect?

If you are like me, you’ve  probably heard about the different upcoming 2013 SaaS conferences. The current craze that is going on the in “Software as a Service” is continuously spreading to every part of the world. This cloud computing based service has not long been in the industry. But despite that, it was able

Grid Computing vs Cloud Computing

Comparison of grid computing vs cloud computing can help you to identify the differences and similarities between these new concepts in the computing field. Though they are often mistaken to mean the same thing, both grid and cloud computing networks hide the processing tasks. Abstraction hides the actual complex processes that take place within a

A new era — Humans in the Clouds

The world is a connection – a force of energy – that is driving simultaneously in multiple directions.  While every part of the world is struggling with different aspectsof change and technology – and at their own pace  –  one thing is for sure. Technology is creating the ability to have less physical things – or material possessions

A Deadly Secret to Increasing Conversions with Free Trials

SaaS companies want it.  Desire it.  And need it to survive to be successful! But how do you really successfully do it?  It’s one of the biggest riddles and business challenges to software-as-a-service companies.  It’s the cream of the crop of questions for Saas and Web App marketing professionalls.  In other words, “How Can I