5 Breakthrough Innovations from the IFA You Need to See to Believe

Each year, at the beginning of September, tech experts and enthusiasts gather in Berlin for the IFA consumer electronics trade show. This year, like the in years before, people were exposed to some of the most cutting-edge technologies and prototypes that are about to take the world by storm and forever change our lives. Here

Was that image on Microsoft Surface Book’s Instagram account real, and why it doesn’t really matter

In our day and age, it’s hard to expect a new product release without an image or two being leaked. But the leaked images almost never come from the company’s official social media accounts. This makes the image sent yesterday from Microsoft Surface’s Instagram account super interesting – both from the technical product angle and the

What Does Gliimpse’s Acquisition Mean for Apple (and the Healthcare Industry)

Apple continues its (so far successful) journey to connecting the brand to active and healthy living, with the acquisition of Gliimpse, a startup that simplifies the management of health records for patients. The company, established in 2013, offers to “use your digital health to care for your analog life.” It allows users to collect, manage and

Flip-Flop Millionaire – The Best Thing about Being an Entrepreneur

Yesterday, curiosity took over me, as I asked some influencers and experts on social media what they like most about being entrepreneurs. I expected a wide array of responses, but barring out a few exceptions, there was one answer that repeated itself – FREEDOM This answer goes hand in hand with some recent statistics presented

Preparing for Changes Larger Than the Industrial Revolution – An Interview with Russell Rothstein

We reached out to Russell Rothstein for a few questions concerning some of the biggest challenges and burning topics we face in the SaaS industry, and lucky for us, he was happy to share his thoughts and insights. The result is a great piece of innovative thinking.     Russell Rothstein is the Founder and

Following Eric Jhonsa’s Post – Why It’s Important to Look Past the Revenue

A colleague of mine just sent me a very interesting article which was written by Eric Jhonsa for TheStreet. The article shows how cloud growth can sometimes be misleading, and he uses IBM, Microsoft and SAP as examples. In the article, he goes through Microsoft, IBM and finally SAP.     Looking at IBM, the