Sports Authority Sells Customer Data, Raises Privacy Concerns

How much does 114 million customers’ files and 25 million email addresses cost? Well, for Dick’s Sporting Goods it was a bid for $15 million, payable to Sports Authority.   Although consumers have started to become more wary of where their information is being spread, they might still be taken aback by this news. Sports

The Extreme Effects of the App-Data Gap

Developing an app is an exciting and innovative process. But what happens when mistakes aren’t caught in time, and the app’s already been released? Unfortunately this is an all too common occurrence, and from it the phrase “App-Data Gap” has been coined.  The App-Data Gap is the delay between a user interacting with a business

Myspace Accounts Hacked in the Biggest Security Breach In History. Will Users Stay?

In what has been the biggest hack in history so far, Time Inc. has confirmed  that Myspace has been hacked. While Time Inc. has not yet stated how many accounts were involved, the number according to Leaked Source is reportedly over 360 million accounts, and over 427 million passwords which are now available for sale