5 Onboarding Processes That Modern Sales Organizations Need To Know

By being a modern sales leader, you’ve already taken the first step toward building your modern sales organization. You’re using key performance indicators (KPIs), you’ve built a sales stack, you are an active and engaged coach for your salespeople and you even maintain a fun and collaborative environment for motivation. You have the basics covered.

The Giant Awakens – What to Expect from Oracle’s Open World 2015

Let the countdown begin. In a few days, Oracle will kick off its annual user conference in San Francisco. As the world’s second-largest software company, developers and decision-makers worldwide are anticipating some big announcements this year, focusing on the intersection of cloud, social, and mobile opportunities. Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the

Getting To Yes Faster: 4 Tips for Reducing Customer Acquisition Costs and Closing More Sales

You know the feeling: you’ve been nurturing a lead for a while now, your contact seemed real interested but he was hesitant to introduce your solution up the chain. Well, now emails have bounced and he doesn’t answer his line. It looks like he’s left, and he was your only contact. This kind of prospecting