5 Steps to Creating a Successful Conversion Optimization Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is critical to your company’s success. A higher conversion rate directly translates into a better ROI: it is more cost effective to retain visitors than to find new ones. A common frustration for online businesses is that despite heavy traffic to their website, those visitors are still not taking action, such

Use Fine-Grained Segmentation for More Profitable Customer Marketing Campaigns

Most marketers are already well aware that to maximize the response to customer marketing campaigns, it is critical to tailor the message and offer to each individual customer, or small groups of very similar customers. When a customer receives a personalized and highly-relevant offer, there is much more chance that the message will resonate with

Why ‘The Cloud’ Matters: Guest Post by Former Skype COO & Mangrove Capital Partner Michael Jackson

Most businesses and and people don’t have resources or desire to spend time and money on staffing and problems connected with IT. ‘The Cloud’ lets us do it – better, cheaper and faster. Most humans don’t have to draw their own water anymore. A long time ago, we realized it was cheaper and better to

How To Save Money With SaaS And Four Other Bootstrapping Tips

This article was written by Dmitry Valyanov – the CEO of Bitrix24, a cloud-based social intranet SaaS for business, which is 100% free for companies with 12 employees or fewer.   1. Get in the middle of SaaS wars and run away with a bunch of awesome freebies. Software-as-a-service is a multibillion dollar arena that attracts

SaaS Free Trials: Get’em Started Quickly… or Lose’em Forever

  No matter the class of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product – utilitarian horizontal, “Enterprise,” or niche vertical – the Web App vendors that have come to me for help with their low Free Trial conversion rates all had a common problem… … they failed to engage a potential customer immediately after they signed-up. And when we