Embracing SaaS in Merchandising

This handy infographic from IBM that demonstrates what a difference SaaS can make, and is making already. The use of SaaS and cloud technology in merchandising is widespread, beneficial, and growing exponentially. Using cloud technology and SaaS. Currently, 77% of retailers use cloud technology or plan to implement it in the next year. SaaS applications

Microsoft and Accenture Team Up to Ease the Path to the Hybrid Cloud

Accenture and Microsoft Corp. recently introduce their newest endeavor – Accenture Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure. It is a hybrid cloud platform designed to accelerate cloud adoption by enterprises and help enterprises build and manage enterprise-wide cloud infrastructure and applications. Pierre Nanterme, chairman and CEO of Accenture calls it “A game-changing proposition” that addresses

This Week’s Best Articles in SaaS

By: Omri @SaaSAddict Erel From security headaches, to lack of focus in software development, this week’s articles have some important insights for all SaaS professionals. 1. SaaS Deployments Are Now Mission Critical – Gartner Ben Rossi’s article shines light on the recent Gartner survey conducted across 10 countries to examine the adoption and deployment of cloud services