This Weeks Best Articles In SaaS

#1 Benchmark Maturity of your SaaS Solution With this article Techello outlines exactly how to benchmark the maturity of your business’ SaaS project. Their free SMART calculator makes this process a lot easier, and with an outline of the various benchmarks required for this process (security, architecture, operations etc…) this article provides a solid understanding

Government Adoption of Cloud Services – Interview with SRA

Cloud computing adoption rates are growing substantially. In many cases, the cloud has considerably reduced operating costs for private users and businesses. While some consider migration to the cloud to be somewhat of a “revolution” in information technology (IT), it is really just the natural progression of our digital landscape. News of the cloud’s potential

Infrastructure as a Service Explained

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a model that allows customers to access computing resources in a virtualized setting. This service offers computing infrastructure such as load balancers, virtual server space, IP addresses, network connections, and bandwidth. Several networks and servers are used to provide access to physical hardware resources. These resources are distributed through