Best of the Week in SaaS

In this week’s best in SaaS, we have a variety of articles to help inspire. From 100 inspirational quotes from industry leaders, to some rules and how to handle the subscription economy, you’ll find great insights.

1. 5 SaaS Rules David Skok Should Have Tweeted by Now

In this article by Gareth Goh’s he discusses the importance of the SaaS blog by David Skok. This article not only outlines some of the best advice from Skok’s blog, but also discusses the importance of blogs like this in the industry.

2. The Subscription Economy: What it is and How It’s Changing the Way People Buy

In Kim Bastian’s article “The Subscription Economy” she sits down with Vice President of Worldwide Sales Strategy and Execution at Zuora to better understand the shift to a subscription strategy and what this means to the industry.

3. Oracle’s Cloud Strategy Sounds Great. For 2012

Matt Weinberger’s article on the outdated and “uncool” Oracle may sound a little harsh, but his criticism is well leveled and well supported.

4. 100 Inspirational Business and Leadership Quotes

In this article by Vala Afshar, he offers some of the very best in leadership and business quotes from industry leaders, movers and shakers.

5. 5 SaaS Onboarding Techniques You Didn’t Know Exist

Finally in this article we discuss the importance of devising strategies to keep your users interested and engaged. From push messaging which reaches your customers instantly to user incentives, I think you’ll find that this article helps generate better messaging and community.


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