Best SaaS Help Desk Solutions

SaaS help desk software is set up to become one of the most important development niches in the customer service and CRM fields in the near future. With the increasing desire to migrate further away from call centers and forums, a new, internet-based customer support mindset is becoming prevalent. Help desks could integrate with the much vaunted social networked customer support that is such a hot topic these days.

It’s a competitive field, SaaS help desk software, so there are a wide host of options available. It can be daunting to choose one in fact. So, with that in mind, I’m going to show you a few of the best help desk suites available, relevant to general and specialize fields, that the world has to offer.

You may choose to use one of these, or you may choose to do further research yourself and come to a more informed decision. Consider this a guideline for some and a quick fix suggestion set for most.

#1 – ZenDesk

ZenDesk is the big daddy of help desk suites, used by over twenty five thousand organizations across the planet, some high echelon businesses. ZenDesk offers full integration with FaceBook, Tumblr, Reddit, Printerest and Twitter with no real effort.

They offer a free trial, but no permanently free version. If you can afford this suite, it’s definitely worth the money, no questions asked. But, despite being pretty flexibly priced, you may want to hold off on this until you’re an enterprise.

#2 – is the epitome of being mindful of social integration in CRM and support. This system is designed around socially-minded companies who want to conduct their customer support and CRM in the same organic environment they do business.

There’s a lot to be said about this kind of forward thinking, and, while new and a little oddly prices and planned, is definitely the choice to go with if this future approach interests you much in the present.

#3 – Freshdesk

Freshdesk is the unified theory of support made real. This help desk is designed to integrate with alternate channels of support such as call centers, social media, chats, forums and other contact mediums, and unitize all of these into a single format that can be databased, accessed and addressed with no conversion lag.

Freshdesk is for the company looking to diversify their customer service and support to the next level, and be entirely flexible and reliable.

So, you can see that there’s a wide array of software in this category, just by looking at the marked differences in mindset behind these three. There are too many to even begin to list here, but out of the ones out there, these are the best three, depending on where you’re coming from, I’d think.

Of course, new SaaS help desk software comes out every day, so tomorrow, these may no longer be the top contenders. That’s the thing with software and computing, one day it’s new and shiny, the next day it’s ten eras too old. It’s difficult to keep up of course, and that’s why I write these. So you don’t have to keep up with the research yourselves, being busy professionals.

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