Best SaaS Insights of the Month

May was full of interesting SaaS articles which included fascinating topics such as robots, employee referral programs and more! I always love reading about the newest trends and thoughts about the SaaS industry. I compiled a list of some of my favorite reads from the past month, enjoy!


1. 10 Things to Consider Before Marketing Your SaaS Product

In the world of SaaS the marketplace has become a competitive place, and it’s becoming harder to successfully market a product. This article provides some useful tips on how to penetrate into the SaaS market and make sure your software is as popular as possible. Strategic marketing is key to a successful software, and it’s important to budget yourself along with sticking to your strategy the entire time, and making sure your content is unique and attractive.


2. The Windows 10 Future: Imagine A Boot Stamping On An Upgrade Treadmill Forever

The future of Windows 10 is discussed and analyzed in this article. Experts state that upgrading means even more consistent upgrades will be necessary. Based on the insights of Annette Jump, a research director at Gartner, important tips are listed in this article on which upgrades are essential for businesses in progressing with Windows. Jump advises that companies begin preparing for the upgrades, starting by gathering information about the software you use that will need compatibility checks. This is a very enlightening read, and I think it’s important for companies to do research before approving any upgrade.


3. The Lead Plateau You May Hit Just As It Gets Good. How to Plan Around It:

Jason Lemkin talks about when SaaS companies hit an “organic lead plateau” at some point in their lifetime. He describes what happens depending on which stage they meet this phase at, using various examples from major companies. Lemkin advises companies on what to do when this does happen with four useful tips. Although he suggests that it’s best to take action sooner rather than later, or else companies should expect their revenue growth to hit a plateau at some point.

4. Robots: Not The Job Stealers We Feared

Good news everyone! Robots won’t be taking all our jobs after all! However, there are still serious social and political challenges in the future due to the technological changes. Thomas Claburn discusses the findings of a new study that determined that there will still be jobs for people in the future where robots are a more common phenomena, however they foresee other complications for certain types of low-skilled workers. Find out more predictions about future digitalization in this fascinating article.


5. Are the Costs of Cloud Implementations Overruling The Benefits?

Cloud computing has had a huge impact on business growth and productivity, however Chris Ducker suggests that due to factors such as unexpected costs, it may not be as worth implementing as everyone thinks. He discusses some causes that lead to a more costly procedure and whether or not they can be avoided. Ducker also offers some interesting solutions that could solve this issue.


6. Use Your Employee Referral Program in Social Recruiting

In the cut-throat market, it’s tough for companies to find the employees they’re looking for, and it’s also hard for job seekers to find the right fit. Kes Thygesen suggests utilizing a SaaS program in order to simplify the process and make it a whole lot easier for everyone. By creating an employee referral program your company will attract better hires, among other benefits, although it takes a lot of planning and foresight.

7. 4 Ways SaaS Can Make Entrepreneurs More Efficient and Competitive

Shawn Freeman talks about some of the best ways SaaS can help a business. SaaS is extremely useful when it comes to organizing, fundraising, and more. It also has helped kick-start startups more quickly by cutting out a lot of the mundane coding that SaaS programs does for you. Freeman lists four key ways SaaS is helping businesses become more efficient and competitive.


8. 8 Clever Insights I Found This Week on Twitter

Discovering useful tips or learning about a new trend is always exciting. I find I learn a lot from the Twitter feeds of other SaaS professionals. This list I compiled of some of the most interesting Tweets is definitely worth the read. These experts utilize their real world experience and impart their knowledge on us.


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