Best SaaS Reads of the Month

This month there was a huge focus on customer support and customer success within the SaaS community. Many companies often lack focus on the actual customer, as they’re too focused on their product. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best articles over the past month, many of them are focused on customer success, while others include helpful tips and suggestions on how to advance your software.

1. Customer Support is The Last Mile For SaaS Companies

In his article, Simon Ouderkik identifies a key issue in the SaaS world today. Often, SaaS companies are too focused on their product, and are losing out on more potential customers by not taking advantage of their support staff. At the end of the day the customers’ satisfaction rates with the software will make or break the success of the company. True, there is a learning curv as Ouderkik points out, but the people who aren’t as quick to learn the technical stuff are falling through the cracks because there is not customer support ready to help them learn how to utilize the software.


2. King of SaaS, Tom Tunguz, On the Perfect Time for Investing and the Impact of Late Stage Investors

Harry Stebbings discusses his fascinating conversation with SaaS expert Tom Tunguz about macro-economics and the public markets. In the podcast, Tunguz discusses what he thinks makes a successful SaaS startup, and the benefits of a free SaaS that enable the marketplace model to succeed.  Give this article a read, and I guarantee you’ll click on the podcast to hear more about how startups can make sure they’re prepared to withstand whatever comes their way in the economy.

Time to Turn Your Free Users Into Paying and Loyal Customers

3. How to Win Big Customers with your Website

According to the writers at ScienceSoft, an international software company, when companies redesign their websites they shouldn’t expect fancy features to generate big leads alone. In order to attract the big customers you need to think like the ‘big guys’. By creating problem oriented content, increasing promotion of key expertise, and providing deep insights you’ll be able to reach the more valuable customers.


4. 6 Super-Simple Ideas to Lower Customer Acquisition Cost for Any SaaS

What is your worst nightmare as a SaaS marketer? It’s not your competitors, not your customers, nor is it the stock market. Neil Patel discusses the biggest enemy of any SaaS marketer, and how to fight back in his well-written article. Patel states that a SaaS marketer’s worst enemy is a number called CaC, or customer acquisition cost. The CaC is actually not given enough credit, as many SaaS marketers aren’t usually too worried, but when it comes down to it, it can make or break your company.


5. 15 Must Read Articles for SaaS Companies

It is always important to read other blogs and articles in order to stay up to date with the current trends in SaaS. Nick Vebra has compiled a list of the top most useful articles for SaaS companies. SaaS has revolutionized almost every aspect of the business model we use on a day-to-day basis. These articles provide an immense amount of insight about key components to success. From digital content marketing, to a flawless website design, these are some helpful tips you don’t want to miss!


6. Start-Up Success in SaaS? You Have to Bend the Odds in Your Favor. Some Thoughts on How to Do It

Jason Lemkin sites a presentation where he singles out a slide that shows just how much the odds are against a new SaaS start-up company. Unfortunately the statistics are against all you newbies out there, but Lemkin discusses some useful tips that won’t make you feel so helpless, and that perhaps not all is lost. First of all, based on another study of start-ups almost every company tests had a solid exit or success of some kind. The key is to remain dedicated and focused on your product, and not let these numbers get in your head. In fact, there are some things you can do in order to make sure you’re already ahead of the game.


7. 2 Ways to Reduce SaaS Cancellations

Lincoln Murphy shares his wisdom on how to reduce SaaS cancellation rates, a problem I’m sure we can all relate to. He discusses why customer success is so important, stating that happy customers aren’t as likely to churn. The focus on customer success doesn’t end after you’ve lost a customer, in fact, if they do return but the company does nothing to ensure their success, they’ll simply churn once again. In addition, he explains why, unfortunately, cancellations do not lead to other opportunities. This article includes wisdom filled suggestions, and is definitely worth the read!


8. Podcast: Nailing the SaaS Sale with Steli Efti

It’s always important to read up (and in this case listen to) the insights of the experts. I know I’m always advancing and developing my own knowledge by taking into consideration the tips of other SaaS professionals. In one of our recent posts we feature this podcast with Steli Efti, a SaaS expert. He discusses how to land a SaaS sale, and presents a different perspective then one might normally take. It’s definitely worth the listen!




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