Best of SaaS

1. 5 Tips for Landing Pages that Convert

Your landing page is a crucial decision point for your online visitors. You therefore need to thoughtfully design it to maximize on conversions. This best of week article by Megan Totka will show you how to go about bettering your landing page.

2. 20 Cloud Computing Statistics Every CIO Should Know

Every CIO needs to be armed with enough information to ensure all operations are run at a seamless and cost effective manner. The 20 statistics listed in this article are a must read for every CIO. Jack Woods is the man behind this helpful write-up.

3. Five Ways Cloud Platforms are Extending Sales Effectiveness

Driven by rapid advances, sales effectiveness is undergoing an inflexion point. With emergence of new business models and subscription economy, it’s to adopt a unified view of customers. Louis Columbus expounds more on how companies gain a more unified view of their customers.

4. Competitive Advantage not Cost Savings Driving Top Players to SAAS

Recent statistics by IBM show that nearly 50% of businesses utilizing SaaS not only reducing costs but gaining a competitive edge as well. What’s the reason behind this interesting trend? Chloe Green expounds on this data.

5. The “Secret-Key” To Creating Data Maps

It’s not easy to introduce a new product in the market or roll-out a software upgrade; the challenges are always numerous. That’s why when I heard about John Stewart’s (of MapAnything) innovative ways to overcome these challenges; I got very excited about interviewing him. This article is part of the conversation I had with John.


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