Best Sales Software as a Service

Sales software is one of the fastest growing SaaS niches out there, and given the increasing migration to digital sales and marketing – by even the most obscure business fields – this fact isn’t really all that shocking.

The advantages of having SaaS Sales Software are numerous: security, reliability and cross platform, location-independent access from any device with an internet connection. This means that anyone can take advantage of SaaS sales software, no matter what device they’re using, and they can do so from a coffee shop, an office or from home – with ease. Given the paradigm shift of how people now perform their jobs, this feature alone is hugely important.

But, choosing the right software is crucial. Picking an inefficient provider or one not suited for your specific needs can have dire, lasting consequences. So, I’m going to reduce this difficulty by recommending a few of the best sales applications out there. These applications fit slightly different niches and business sizes, so the order in which these applications are listed is irrelevant.

#1 – Salesforce

Salesforce is the big beast of the CRM and sales world – for obvious reasons; offering the most customization possible, the biggest set of documentation, and the widest range of features –it only makes sense that this SaaS platform is the one big businesses use.

Salesforce offers programmable extensions, multiple user permission levels, full API integration (with powerful multi-purpose software), and interoperability via multiple formats. Formats include an array of traditional document and data viewing systems such as Office, Outlook, Excel and much more. The services are also fairly affordable

Salesforce can be a bit complex at the get-go, but the training and learning tools available make this a moot point. Startups and small businesses may need to dedicate time to learn the system, but this learning curve isn’t a hindrance once you realize all the benefits involved.

#2 – Odyssey Mobile

Odyssey Mobile is a CRM system intended for ease-of-use over mobile systems such as smart phones, tablets and netbooks. Intended for fast and easy order entry for sales reps, this system offers: quick order entry, digital catalogues with images, full customer listings, order entry from barcode scanning or catalog item selection, offline access to item details, customer specific pricing, customer management and a fair-trade app (to only name a few).

Odyssey Mobile is designed for traveling sales reps who have to use mobile devices to file away orders quickly and easily. In this arena, Odyssey Mobile excels.

#3 – SalesNexus

Salesforce works fine for small businesses, but if you want something designed with less frills and complications, and a price that reflects small business targeting, then SalesNexus is for you.

Offering online CRM, ACT! Database importing, unlimited email marketing, web lead capture, sales collaboration, and integration with Salesforce automation, SalesNexus is great for small and medium businesses, or for the self-employed entrepreneur. And when you’re ready for something heavier like Salesforce, SaleNexus integrates into Salesforce without a single issue (thanks to the interoperability both companies insisted on implementing for their products).

The providers listed above offer the best SaaS sales software out there, for the moment. I don’t think anything is likely to topple the powerhouse that is Salesforce anytime in the near future, but keep checking in… I’m always discovering new and intriguing solutions for this niche, and when that happens – I can’t resist spreading the word.


Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.