Flip-Flop Millionaire – The Best Thing about Being an Entrepreneur

Yesterday, curiosity took over me, as I asked some influencers and experts on social media what they like most about being entrepreneurs.

I expected a wide array of responses, but barring out a few exceptions, there was one answer that repeated itself –


This answer goes hand in hand with some recent statistics presented in this infographic by Odesk. It shows that for 72% of employees, who want to quit and to be entirely independent, the main reason for choosing the independent career path is “freedom.”

Now, why is that?

Some existing entrepreneurs point out that they can work wherever, whenever and on whatever interests them. (Also, there is “no need to wear fancy clothes,”)

There is no substitute for that sense of freedom. However, it is also important to understand that being an entrepreneur does not mean running a stress-free life. On the contrary, when marching on an independent career path, it’s highly important to BE ABLE to handle the sense of freedom intelligently, and leverage it to gain success.


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