The Best of the Week in SaaS

It’s hard to believe half of summer is behind us. Here are some of the articles I enjoyed reading this week.

1.  Five Interview Questions to Ask Search Marketing Candidates

Kelvin Newman presents this article as a way to help in the recruiting process. These five questions to ask marketing candidates can help you better understand the importance of straying from the standard questions to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Why SaaS Saw Its Biggest Revenue Gain Since Recession

Dom Nicastro’s article addresses some critical research done by the 2014 Software & SaaS Financial Benchmarking Industry Report. I think you’ll find it particularly interesting to understand the hottest growth companies and applications.

3. The 10 Most Valuable SaaS Lessons from Lincoln Murphy

Cara Hogan uses this article to summarize Lincoln Murphy’s experienced perspectives on acquisition and growth. This article provides some fascinating insights into SaaS businesses and B2B customers.

4. How to Use Rich Content to Grow Your SaaS Product

In this article by Will Fraser, he defines what it means to provide quality content about customer referral programs. You will find this article particularly helpful if you are looking for clear or organic search ratings, increased brand awareness and more consistent monthly traffic.

5. SaaS Incident Management Best Practices (The Storm Series)

And this final article is from me, I describe the processes involved in incident management in the SaaS 24×7 Operation. In this article you’ll learn about how the very best incident managers weather the storm.



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