Google Maps And Parking: What This New Feature Tells Us

Parking available! These are words every driver loves to hear, especially when going to an unfamiliar destination. Google Maps has followed Waze’s lead in adding a feature to show us the chances of finding parking near the chosen destination. More information leads to more convenience and a smoother experience.   Google Maps Parking Feature- The

There’s a New Virtual Reality Headset for Your iPhone, and It’s Here Just in Time

Apple is not wasting any time in their race to beat Google for user experience and simplicity. Occipital, a San Francisco-based Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality startup, just unveiled its new Bridge Virtual Reality headset, which will work exclusively with iPhone. According to, the Bridge Virtual Reality packs in  both mixed reality and 6DoF

If All Goes As Planned, Amazon Go Will Change Everything

Amazon just launched the grocery store of our dreams…that’s right, no checkout, no lines, no registers.   The e-commerce giant is dipping their toes into brick and mortar retail and offering a new customer experience experiment, and everyone is talking about it. Their new technology is currently being tested at a small grocery store in

The Ultimate Free Library of 2016 SaaS & Tech Content

2016 has been quite a year for the tech industry. From Pokémon Go to Cyber Security challenges – we have seen some new fascinating trends evolving, with new breakthroughs and some exciting industry news. So much has happened, and so much has been discussed, and capturing the very best was not an easy task. Still,