Netflix Offline – Celebration For Binge Watchers Around The World

Popcorn, comfy couch, action! Netflix is finally allowing their users to download directly from their site and watch Netflix offline.   A company as big as Netflix always needs to find more ways to move forward and stay faithful to their user base. According to Reuters, Netflix now has over 86 million streaming members in

“PowerWatch” Speaks Volumes for the Future of Consumer Convenience

The PowerWatch, by Matrix Industries, is the first smartwatch to address the outstanding issue of battery life, the biggest inconvenience for any smartwatch.   Smartwatches have yet  to develop the battery life efficient enough for daily use. Even charging them can be a pain – one can’t exactly wear the watch and charge it simultaneously.

5 Apps That’ll Help You Connect With Your Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about friends and family, and giving thanks to the wonderful people we are lucky to have in our lives. But sometimes, life gets in our way, and various circumstances prevent us from spending this wonderful holiday with the people we care most about. Thankfully, unlike our forefathers, we have technology, which makes

Big Data, AI, and IoT Powered Fintechs Forecasting A Cashless Future for Money

  Way back in 1994, Bill Gates famously compared Banks with Dinosaurs. John Steinbeck also created a stir by boldly referring to Banks as Monsters in his book, the Grapes of Wrath. Since long everyone believed that banks were too-big-to-fail behemoths. However, this perception changed after the economic downturn of 2008. The mega-banks do fail, and