Fintech Trends You Need to Notice

It seems as if nowadays, more and more financial institutions are making the long overdue digital transition. With this transition, comes efficiency and smarter financial decisions.  Knowing Fintech trends is a now must. The following infographics present the current state of Fintech, and point out a few important Fintech industry trends. Fintech Trends and Consumers

Will This New Gadget Finally Determine the Apple vs Google Rivalry?

Since the dawn of ages, Apple and Google have been fighting for favorites when it comes to user experience and simplicity. Is Apple finally ready to take the lead?   Many of you may remember the explosive creation of Pokémon Go as one of the most popular apps to implement AR successfully. Now, Apple is

5 Apps That’ll Help You Connect With Your Loved Ones This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about friends and family, and giving thanks to the wonderful people we are lucky to have in our lives. But sometimes, life gets in our way, and various circumstances prevent us from spending this wonderful holiday with the people we care most about. Thankfully, unlike our forefathers, we have technology, which makes

Rise of the Machines – 8 Articles that Predict the Future of Machine Learning

It’s Halloween and that means every article you come across will have some spooky twist. That is, until the smell of turkey starts to fill the streets. But witches and demons are no longer the threat they once were. In recent years, Halloween has summoned eerie thoughts and ideas about “the rise of the machines.”

Apple HealthKit to Reportedly Transform from Tracking to Diagnosis

Apple’s new Apple Watch is scoring higher and higher on the health score, and now, it might become an even more inseparable part of our lives, thanks to new reports about an upcoming transformation to the Apple HealthKit. After the unveiling of the new Apple Watch, which is equipped with new and improved apps, and following