3 Cloud Based Business Intelligence Platforms to Know

Enterprise Management Associates’ January 2015 report dubbed “Analytics in the Cloud” found out that adopters are keen to cite time-to-delivery of cloud based business intelligence and analytics as the primary business motivation when selecting cloud options. For them, time-to-value for analytics and improved agility are most critical technical drivers. In addition, the key financial drivers

Cloud Integration Challenges and Solutions

While cloud evangelists won’t hesitate to point out the numerous advantages of cloud computing technologies, business leaders have identified cloud integration as one of the major obstacles to successful SaaS adoption, deployment, and implementation. Many enterprises will agree that integrating SaaS and on-premise applications remains a top concern, second to privacy and data security. In

3 Cloud Collaboration Software for Your Business

Cloud collaboration makes content accessible irrespective of location or time, thereby presenting a significant competitive advantage for organizations that adopt it. Powerful software defines a set of web based technologies that enable users to take advantage of the power of the cloud to collaborate, tackling projects in a much more secure, flexible and scalable online

Important Concepts of Cloud Computing Middleware Architecture

There are several cloud computing middleware solutions on the market today, and they vary based on functionality. Cloud computing continues to evolve as a vital computing platform for sharing various resources, including infrastructure, software, business processes and applications. Virtualization, as a core technology, has enabled cloud resource sharing. Unfortunately, a good number of existing cloud