Interview With Yoni Tamler – LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Marketing Operations

I’ll say it straight out. I LOVE LINKEDIN In my opinion there has never been a more business friendly environment to work with. No more Rolodex and working hard to find key personnel to reach out to. Linkedin takes care of all that for you and with great ease and potential. 10 years running, they have

Interview With Atri Chatterjee CMO of Act-On Software

Lead nurturing is by far one of the most advanced and effective marketing automation out there. Used by most major organizations today, it has changed the way companies communicate and deliver information to users and clients. In the vast range of different companies offering marketing automation and lead nurturing, Act-on is by far one of

Interview with Durgesh Kaushik – Marketing Manager at Facebook

Usually before presenting an interview, I give a few words of introduction towards the participant and company in question. When it comes to Facebook, I find it hard to believe that there is anyone reading this article who is not familiar with such an online Titan. It is not every day that I receive the privilege to deliver my questions towards such a

Interview With Gil Sadis Co-Founder & CEO of Licensario

What I love about the online landscape are the unlimited amounts of genius ingenuity and specification towards business needs. As the business format moves from the old corporate classic model to a new hybrid of small business opportunities running in with the whales, I find that more and more brilliant tailored services are rising. Testing and personal adaptation have simply

Interview With Christophe Primault Founder at CloudWork and GetApp

As business and marketing manager I use Saas software of all types all the time. It’s simply a job prescription. Through the years there has always been one source I search for the best and leading edge of software development. This Website is GetApp. Easy to navigate and huge beyond your wildest imagination, GetApp is

Interview with Lars Lofgren Marketing Analyst at KISSmetrics

All business and marketing managers know that accurate information is probably the most valuable and crucial asset for any business. Online marketing has many positive traits, yet as opposed to physical efforts it can many times prove almost impossible to track and translate information into value. This challenge has been one of the most common