Creating a Software as a Service Marketing Plan That Rocks

While all technology companies seem to understand their target market (or at least to some level), projecting a compelling and unique value proposition in your Software as a service marketing plan can help acquire and retain customers. Much of what worked for you in marketing traditional on-premise applications will not work for your SaaS solutions.

Creating Your Killer SaaS Marketing Plan

When creating your SaaS marketing plan, the first thing you’d probably want to understand is that your preferred business model is a fully-integrated architecture – where all aspects of your business – revenue model, product, marketing, and support –are tightly-coupled. Any deviation from that model will affect growth. In fact, most deviation occurs if there

Facebook Marketing Strategies for SaaS Vendors

Facebook marketing strategies are numerous, and some obviously work better than others, and still more work better for specific companies than others do as well. Nonetheless, there’s no arguing that Facebook has become a driving venue for marketing by companies of just about all shapes and sizes in recent years, alongside a plethora of other

B2B Internet Marketing Tips for SaaS Vendors

B2B internet marketing is becoming increasingly prevalent in modernity, as the internet moves ever more rapidly into the forefront of venues where business, communications and most other things are conducted these days. While internet commerce and entertainment has pushed into obsolescence many brick and mortar establishments such as game stores, video rental establishments and, increasingly,