Flip-Flop Millionaire – The Best Thing about Being an Entrepreneur

Yesterday, curiosity took over me, as I asked some influencers and experts on social media what they like most about being entrepreneurs. I expected a wide array of responses, but barring out a few exceptions, there was one answer that repeated itself – FREEDOM This answer goes hand in hand with some recent statistics presented

Build the rapport that’ll take them from “prospects” to “customers” in no time

Rapport is a state of harmonious understanding with another individual or group that enables greater and easier communication. In other words, rapport is getting on well with other individuals by building a common ground in a way that makes communication simpler and easier. In sales, rapport is an imminent part in landing a new customer.

July’s Best SaaS Tech Articles

During July, many SaaS professionals focused their research and writings on SaaS sales, specifically on how to reach your target audience. This list of articles is mainly directed on how to successfully sell your SaaS product, as it requires a pointedly different approach than regular sales. With tips from the experts on how to successfully

Preparing for Changes Larger Than the Industrial Revolution – An Interview with Russell Rothstein

We reached out to Russell Rothstein for a few questions concerning some of the biggest challenges and burning topics we face in the SaaS industry, and lucky for us, he was happy to share his thoughts and insights. The result is a great piece of innovative thinking.     Russell Rothstein is the Founder and