Enterprise Software as a Service [SaaS] Recommendations

I felt it was time to do something a little different, and suggest some general enterprise software as a service solutions for you. Where most of my lists pertain to a specific niche or specific purpose for SaaS, this time, I’m going to just make a few departmental recommendations. I figured someone just looking for what

3 Microsoft Software as a Service Products You Must Know

Software as a service Microsoft products? This is really happening? Darn right it is. Microsoft is no fool, and when a new technology or new way of delivering technology emerges, you can count on Microsoft being one of the first ones to jump aboard full steam. Microsoft has been a leading innovator and pioneer in just

Software as a service security Facts You Should Consider

Software as a service security may seem like something that’s just a self-affirmed given. The fact that SaaS abates piracy by its design is one of the very big contributors, along with cross platform nature, to its rise of popularity and increasing adoption in recent years. Unfortunately, there are some software as a service security