SaaS Free Trials: Get’em Started Quickly… or Lose’em Forever

  No matter the class of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product – utilitarian horizontal, “Enterprise,” or niche vertical – the Web App vendors that have come to me for help with their low Free Trial conversion rates all had a common problem… … they failed to engage a potential customer immediately after they signed-up. And when we

The Rock n Roll History of the Acronym “SaaS”

We hear it every day.  Read about it.  Talk about it.  But do you know where the hell it even comes from?  The term “SaaS” or software-as-a-service was first mentioned in an internal document called “Software as a Service: Strategic Backgrounder” by the Software & Information Industry Association in 2000.

Confusion is Death for the User: How to Increase Conversions and Make Money For Your SaaS Company

Well…sorry to say, but the competition is getting stiff for all you SaaS companies.  The amount of software-as-a-service companies in the world is estimated to be in the tens of thousands now.  A friend of mine recently told me how he once met a guy at a party in San Francisco back in the 90s.