Most Common SaaS Security Concerns to Look Out For

SaaS, in recent times, has lost a lot of resistance from the community at large that once plagued it.

With the mobile boom and the power and dynamism, not to mention the economic benefits of this platform, a lot of naysaying has lulled in the past ten years. But, the thing that so many people still point out are SaaS security concerns.

Do they Exist:

Well, yes. SaaS security concerns are a genuine thing to bear in mind. Everything has security risks that do exist, however improbable they often are of coming up.

With a digital system, there’s always a chance that someone can discover an exploit or a malfunction can cause large losses or exposure of data, and even mistakes by users can be catastrophic to security as well.

So yes, there are security concerns. But that doesn’t mean they’re not possible to address!

What to Do:

#1 – Solid Error Handling

One of the biggest concerns with this is actually not malicious activity from people, but that error problem I alluded to. If the database has a fit, or the HTML5 or AJAX script encounters bad latencies, and things spill over, all manner of security problems can arise.

The only thing you can really do about it is to be mindful of your error handling and the like. If you’re not designing the SaaS, then you need to devote the same error caution with implementing your library of SaaS on a platform for your employees to use.

#2 – Database Theft

Ok, now we’re getting to the malicious problems. This one’s not that likely, but it could theoretically happen. If your data is on a cloud SaaS platform, so the servers are off premise, you have to rely on their security on physical matters.

On the rare occasion a server is stolen, backups mean that you don’t lose your data, but what of the crooks who also have your data? Well, look into the hosting security that a company uses, such as database encryption, and the like.

#3 – Trusting a Company

Ok, this is the biggest concern of them all, and that’s how reputable a company themselves may be. This sort of security is less catastrophic than the others on the list. But, it’s far more possible.

Companies might sell you out to marketers and other such things, and this is a security problem if not a calamitous one. As a result, keep that on your mind when you look into a company to provide secure service for you.

Honorable Mention:

There are other concerns like WiFi being intercepted or the like, but honestly, you have no idea what a procedure it’d be to actually do something like that. It could never, even in international espionage, be worth the trouble of actually cracking a system that way.


Yeah, there are a few SaaS security concerns, but most of them are so unlikely, and the ones to maybe consider somewhat probable aren’t disastrous but annoying.

If you have these risks in mind when you go in, and choose wisely, you can pretty much definitely avoid almost any probable security problem with this kind of thing now.

Perhaps in the past, this was a bigger issue but honestly, just as SaaS technology has vastly progressed in ten years, so has security.



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