Customer Service SaaS Options to Know

In recent years, many business organizations have started using customer service SaaS to enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. SaaS or Software as a Service has the potential to completely transform the way IT departments relate to their role as service providers.

A successful and efficient service-centric infrastructure can produce more value for a business organization by providing customer service which draws more attention, and includes both external and internal sources to meet business goals. In this post, we’ve discussed the most popular SaaS customer service options you should know about.

Most people don’t realize that is part of It is a complete suite which provides the basics you would expect in a help desk solution. In fact, it also offers many other excellent features which make it easier to process and manage large volumes of tickets.

For beginners, the Universal Inbox offers a single point of access. Help desk technicians can easily work with requests which come in via phone, social media and email. Priority rankings can also help keep the technicians’ focus on most important cases.

In addition to this, also supports self service knowledge bases which can be easily customized to your specific needs and requirements. Content Rating is another interesting feature which allows users to know how unhelpful or helpful specific pieces of content may be.


Freshdesk is one of the best customer service Saas options. It offers a wide range of excellent features for customer service professionals. This platform also offers a consolidated inbox, an easy to use ticket management system and support for self service.

Moreover, it also uses an automated prioritization and categorization module. Income tickets can be automatically categorized and even assigned to a support group or agent. Once these tickets have been assigned, the support group or agent can take advantage of Supervisor.

This is another module which runs on an hourly basis. It evaluates the business rules against requested tickets, and notifies agents when certain tickets need more attention. The Observer is another tool which is used to monitor numerous incoming messages, certain changes in statuses and other events which may require attention.


This platform has been extremely popular because of its low price. JitBit plans start from just $29 per month. Like other customer service SaaS options, JitBit offers a consolidated view of tickets, including statuses, priorities, document attachments and more. This service also includes categories, two-way email integration, support for tagging and automation rules.


Zendesk has a very clear focus about managing and enabling communications with various support constituents, including customers. The interface integrates communications from different mediums, including phone, email, chat services, social media and more. It also allows agents to collect requests in a single area.

Like most other customer service platforms, even Zendesk includes automation rules and triggers which can respond to specific events in your help desk system. It even offers self help portals which can be branded according to specific needs.

These were some of the most popular help desk solutions for business organizations. With the increasing popularity of customer service SaaS, their demand will only continue to grow in the future.


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