Top 5 SaaS To Boost Your Ecommerce Efforts

Wondering what benefits you stand to gain from using ecommerce SaaS?  Well, e-commerce, is the new secret for success in the world of business. In order for your ecommerce site to run well, you will need to get Software as a service from time to time.One of the major advantages of using SaaS is that you just need to get a third party provider of the services and your business will be running more smoothly and efficiently. Here, are the top five ecommerce SaaS that you have probably come across.

Sales Force CRM: This is one of the examples of electronic e-Commerce SaaS. CRM is Customer Relation Services. Sales force is a set of business processes and underlying applications that help you manage all your customers’ information through the internet. When a question is asked in relation to your business, you are able to access it and give the right answer. Use of sales force in your business helps you make better decisions, close more business and keep your customers satisfied. It also creates better customer relations because every customer feels special and important to the business.

Google Applications: This is another example of SaaS which in everyone has made use of at one point or the other. They are a suite of free and paid online applications accessible through any device connected to the internet. They include Gmail, Google Calendar; Google Maps etc. Using these applications helps in productivity, responsiveness, coordination, reliability, mobility and overall efficiency. Businesses list their companies online and anyone can easily access them by searching through the Google Applications and following the links.

Desk Away: This is web based team and project management software that enables you to organize, manage and keep track of the project at hand from a certain specified location. This is mainly used by bloggers who create a blog site or use twitter and other social media to give their opinions about something. Followers and fans can views their opinions from anywhere.

Impel CRM: Impel CRM is a feature that offers a great CRM experiences while sustaining the highest degree of simplicity by using an Email. You can market a product online and the words you use impel the customers to either buy your product or visit your site. For example, during campaigns a candidate can use a slogan like ‘tomorrows change’. That will get someone’s attention and persuade them to click on the site.

Wipro w-SaaS is a platform that enables businesses applications to operate in a SaaS model in a non intrusive manner using a Multi-tenant mode instead of the single -tenant mode. This means once a business has created a link on the internet, fairly two or more people can be able to access the site at once i. e. making advertisements on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and so on.

In today’s world of business, what will determine how far ahead you get and how soon you get there is your ability to adapt to technological changes. With these top 5 ecommerce SaaS , you can be assured of success.

Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.