Enterprise Software as a Service [SaaS] Recommendations

I felt it was time to do something a little different, and suggest some general enterprise software as a service solutions for you. Where most of my lists pertain to a specific niche or specific purpose for SaaS, this time, I’m going to just make a few departmental recommendations.

I figured someone just looking for what SaaS can do for them would benefit from something that shows the best of the best for a set of departments and niches, rather than a specific topic. So, if one of these isn’t in a field you need worry about, some of the others surely will be. So, this is a list of general enterprise software as a service.

Two disclaimers, one being that while I will try to keep it to one department per entry, there may be some overlapping. Also, some of this stuff may have been designed for small businesses originally. However, if I am recommending it here, it means enterprise level businesses can get just as much out of using it.

#1 – AffinityLive (CRM)

For CRM, while I will often recommend SalesForce, I’m going to ask the new to SaaS to actually look at AffinityLive. It’s a very inclusive package that can do accounting, time billing and bookkeeping on top of basic CRM functionality. It’s available for local or cloud deployment too, meaning that you can compromise and not go cloud while still trying SaaS out.

This was designed fro medium sized businesses, but I know of several big enterprises that thrive on AffinityLive, so I’ve no problem considering it more than enterprise-viable.

It’s affordable, it’s easy to set up and it’s multi-talented, and that’s why it’s my choice for CRM here.

#2 – Intacct (Business Intelligence & Finance)

When it comes to BI and finance, Intacct is a good choice. While Affinity can handle some of this, I suggest you opt for this alongside it, as its advanced invoicing, billing and report generation is top notch, where Affinity’s CRM focus means that its report templates and financial functionality is limited and a bit rigid.

Intacct is affordable, sometimes even having freemium offerings, and they’re scalable for a variety of business types and sizes, so they’re definitely viable for a big enterprise like yours. If you’re looking to try SaaS for finance and BI, try Intacct.

#3 – Desk.com (Customer Service)

Desk.com is a powerful customer service system, featuring a burgeoning new social focus for support, and social CRM to offload tasks from primary CRM systems and agents to appropriate low-volume channels.

How long have I talked about taking up social and alternative channels for CRM and for customer support? Well, obviously I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a good idea, because here’s a customer service system designed not only to support this, but make adopting this model very easy.

So, these are three different niches with viable, powerful enterprise software as a service options. Are there more powerful alternatives, given these aren’t the biggest names? Absolutely, but for those looking into the general idea of adopting cloud and SaaS, these are the way to get your toes wet without meeting a piranha.

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