Extensive SaaS Onboarding Checklist

For many software firms and SaaS vendors, SaaS onboarding is usually viewed as a technical and a business/ marketing endeavor that has implications major to finance. SaaS accelerates interactions and gathers detailed data used for professionals at every given level of an organization, thus changing the operation of software companies in every given aspect.

The following tips can help increase chances for onboarding success.

A Model That is Transformative

SaaS is usually seen as a major money saver since basic IT costs used for servers, maintenance and storage are distributed by the model over many clients. This also helps in improving the vendor’s ability in offering relatively seamless updates and upgrades.

Besides offering obvious efficiencies in easier updates and shared server, SaaS also improves and redefines the customer relation entirely for the software companies. SaaS offers opportunities for clients with an offering on small scales together with a ramp up usage within a given period of time during that particular period a close relation is built with the vendor, and SaaS model also offers many advantages.

Painless and Pressure-Free Sales Onboarding

The software sales process can be redefined by SaaS onboarding. Sass customers boarding usually starts with an email that welcomes individuals who have shown interest. The welcoming email should be effective for the customers and, therefore, should be created putting in mind the following aspects;

  • The welcoming email is supposed to incorporate the best practices and most importantly the new customers or the prospects should get what they expect.
  • The customers are supposed to be informed after they have signed up that they would receive an email, the email should entail the subject and the sender, so as to encourage them to open and look into the c content of the email.
  • From the direct marketing initiated through the welcome message which speaks directly to the reader, the message should be personalized, giving a headline that compels the read the mail.

Creating a successful welcome email

For a successful welcome email, the following specific ideas can be applied.

1] The Email Should Make The Part of a Well-Defined Process.

While engagement could be included in SaaS onboarding, the first thing that should appear on the SaaS onboarding process should be the welcoming message. Deep engagement may be involved when dealing with a new prospect or customer. This is because engagement usually results in investments that further leads to conversion and later evolve into long-term retention.

Whether CCA (common Conversation Activity) has been used or not, specific goals, including a map to help the customer, should be outlined. CCA helps to create a path that drives the conversation through free trials, which allows accuracy in measuring in a much more meaningful manner.

The welcome email is meant to direct them do the first task on their map by making the first move in the CCA. This approach helps eliminate any confusion and pass a clear message to the new customers.

2] Clear Single CTA Should Be Included

A welcome email is supposed to have a CTA (Call To Action), a singular goal that is meant to get back that new customer into doing that first thing they are supposed to be doing. Once the structure is right, it can be enhanced by using a compelling design and other links also included, helping support subscription.

3] The Link Should Be Directed Into The App

That single CTA is supposed to directly lead the new customer into the task they are supposed to perform in the app. The URL should be built and structured or redirected in a manner that enables direct linkage into the app from both the transactional and marketing message

It is much more convenient to engage customers in SaaS from the first moment. Prepare for customer loyalty and for building a relationship that is long lasting through interactions that are personalized, as well as building customer centric data. This works through doing the following;

  • Embedding an onboarding software in the website.
  • Creating onboarding guidelines for users.
  • Specific users and groups are targeted through the use of appropriate onboarding software

Features of a good SaaS onboarding software:

  1. Easy connection of API-It should be easily embedded once the SaaS is there.
  2. A message that triggers the action-Here the action that will most trigger the message to the user is decided upon.
  3. Rule based messaging is also used-Here triggers, timers and conditions are set to ensure that the users get to read the messages the exact time they are suppose to without delay.
  4. Tailored messaging-Messages that are meant for specific groups or individuals are segmented based not only on the rules, but also on the user’s activity on the platform.
  5. A delightful look-A formatting option that is intuitive together with multiple colors are chosen. In case a single design is not preferred, another can be selected.
  6. A/B testing- This is a test in which design, texts, timing and messages work in the best favor of the user.

For New Users

  1. It is upon you to make the user understand your product value
  2. Explain to customers what they can do to begin using your product
  3. Use social proof to help instill trust
  4. Allow the user to understand how easy it is to sign up, including how long your signup process will be.
  5. The information you collect from the user should be as less as possible
  6. Whenever you gather information, always justify why you need it
  7. Notify user regarding what to expect as soon as they sign up
  8. As soon as they are inside the application, help them concentrate on things they need to accomplish
  9. What they should do in the interface should be as less ambiguous as possible, so reduce clutter


For most software firms and SaaS vendors, the process of onboarding customers remains a daunting and challenging task. This process, unfortunately, is often misunderstood; a good number of SaaS software firms and SaaS vendors overlook the importance of making the customers feel comfortable. It is crucial to help users begin on the right foot. That way they can derive value in the software in the first week of using it. A good SaaS onboarding process is what software firms and Saas vendors need to help them convert customers from the trial to the paid version of their offering, and employers can reduce the time spent on bringing internal users on board.

Omri is the Head of Demand Generation, as well as the Lead Author & Editor of the SaaSAddict Blog. Omri established the SaaSAddict blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to SaaS and cloud migration.